I Think I'm Perma-Stuck *Minor Spoilers*

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User Info: Jayboat

6 years ago#1
I took the route of... Burg-Parish-Depths-Blighttown-Demon Ruins. Turns out, I can't go through the portal at the very end of the Ruins, and the bonfire right under the Capras is my revive point. I can pull the Capra closest, and the Capra overlooking where the item used to be, in front of the bonfire.

After that is why I seem to be perma-stuck. Once I walk back up the stairs, there are two grouped-up Capras with their backs to me.I have no arrows/bolts/throwing knives, and no matter what I do, I can't single one out. They both charge me, and they inevitably kill me.

With this in action, I can't go back through Blighttown, and I have no idea where a shortcut is back to Firelink. Is there a shortcut after the second bell, or do I actually have to traverse back through Blight? Y'know, after I somehow muster enough souls to level again-and-again and finally make it out of Capra Hell.

User Info: Fugenot

6 years ago#2
The exit is not as far as you may think. Just head out to Quelaags lair, exit it, continue to the bonfire thats out there and on the left you should see this wooden structure with a ramp. Walk up the ramp, hop onto the elevator, climb some ladders + kill ****, make your way to the top, kill the ogres, boom you're in the valley of the drakes, cross the bridge, door to firelink is right there.

Assuming you dont have the master key, theres a chest before the ogres by the last ladder you went up with the key in a chest.
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User Info: Jayboat

6 years ago#3
At least there is some hope for me, then. Now I just need to find a way through these Capras.

User Info: thebigfox16

6 years ago#4


User Info: Jayboat

6 years ago#5
Trust me, I've tried to just run by. I make it by two of them before I get slaughtered. Similar to trying to barrel through the Tauruses to get the Ember without trying to leash them one-by-one.

User Info: Demonedge

6 years ago#6
You got any magic or firebombs?
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User Info: Raeng

6 years ago#7
Honestly, I don't see your problem. The Carpa Demon's can easily be outrunned. Grab a good shield, hold block and wait for an opening to dash past them. If they use their jump attack, roll backwards. You don't have to kill them, just get the hell out of there.
You might also, if you've been exploring, still have some Alluring Skulls (I think that's the name of the item) that distracts the enemies. Use those?
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User Info: Ephidiel

6 years ago#8
or use Pyromancy 3 fireballs should kill them and when there are two of them they have the chance of getting hit by the same ball
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User Info: infinitexx

6 years ago#9
Ephidiel posted...
or use Pyromancy 3 fireballs should kill them and when there are two of them they have the chance of getting hit by the same ball

This won't work if the glove hasn't been upgraded very high. Might as well say, 'Oh just slap on a 550 attack weapon and one shot them with Crystal Ring Shield.'

If you can't kill them, your best best is to turtle up to find an opening, then run like hell. And in the future, try not to light bonfires in areas that are much too dangerous for you, that's how a lot of people get stuck.
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User Info: russ555

6 years ago#10

You could also run as far as you can, then when you die go to dashboard and reload the game. This puts you back next to where you died. Grab your souls and carry on running, rinse and repeat until you're back where you want to be.

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