Random white rings?

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User Info: Beasthunt

6 years ago#1
Has anyone seen these things? I've seen several in the forest. Now I'm ist the painted world and just saw one. Ive walked up to them but nothing happens. After beating the iron knight I saw a gold one. Is there a meaning to this or just random baths fodder?
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User Info: chris98956

6 years ago#2
i know what your talking about. i saw one of these white rings after i killed the two knights in the great hall in anor londo, i was like, what is this? walked up to it and it disapeared... it kind of looks like the ring you examine to fly to anor londo but its white.

User Info: twotonez

6 years ago#3
I see them all the time. I think they're the tailisman or whatever those things are you can throw down on the ground to prevent miracles. I never throw them down myself though. I dont know if the enemy does or if maybe someone else playing in the same are did or something.

User Info: Zanimus

6 years ago#4
They are Miracle Resonances. Not sure how you tell which Miracle caused it, because I have seen them without any Miracles at all.

User Info: twotonez

6 years ago#5
You cant use any miracles if you're in range of it though. Thats why I think it's one of those talismans or something.

User Info: twotonez

6 years ago#6
anyone confirm?

User Info: dudebroguyman

6 years ago#7
I've seen them in a lot of places.

By hellkite
In the forest
Undead parish
In the basin

I doubt they're covenant related either. I've seen them while way of white forest covenant and as a sunbro.

We need to figure this out and narrow it down.
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User Info: twotonez

6 years ago#8
I'm almost positive it's those talismans that block miracles. I just want to know where the hell they come from. I see them everywhere.

User Info: azreil2

6 years ago#9

Fairly sure they are miracle synergy thing.

I saw a white ring on the floor and my heal miracle had a white circle over the icon.

User Info: PorKsTerR

6 years ago#10
The talisman doesn't prevent miracles it prevents people from using estus flasks. They are a great item for invading. If you use a miracle by those circles depending on what it is it will make your miracle stronger . Not 100% sure about that last part but i am sure about the talisman thing.
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