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After the hydra

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User Info: Taractis

6 years ago#1
Ok after I beat the hydra I go up the ladder, but both sides seem really tough. Am I supposed to come back here later, or do I just have to tough it out? I'm SL 29 btw.

Related question, what's that little glowing creature on the way down into the basin?

User Info: seb03

6 years ago#2
kill the glowy for twinkling titanite
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User Info: zenstrata

6 years ago#3
later when you leave and return, you will find a pink crystal golem which is past where the hydra was in the water (be careful walking there because you can fall into the deep water portion and die if you are not watching where you step!) kill that pink crystal golem and a girl will pop out. Don't kill the girl! she will talk to you and sell you spells after you re-summon her through her 'sign' which will appear after you talk to her the first time on the shoreline opposite from the cave where you fought the pinky golem.

User Info: Das_MENTOR

6 years ago#4
Those spells are incredibly fun btw.
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User Info: zenstrata

6 years ago#5
One of the most useful spells she sells (that I found handy) is the light spell. Very nice to have in the darkness of the tomb of giants.

User Info: Taractis

6 years ago#6
Yeah I just killed the big golem, but, I'm still stuck on everything up the ladder by the falls.

User Info: infinitexx

6 years ago#7
Her outfit appears back in the cove after you reload your save after summoning her. This is the best reward, the Antiquated Skirt is unreasonably good, having better defense than things that weigh 4 times as much (beats Havel and Smough in everything but Fire and Poise at +5).
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User Info: shazbotian

6 years ago#8

I too beat the hydra, climbed up there, and got completely pwned by the super bush-men. Really startled me since I destroyed many of those things in the earlier part of the forest; those ones up there seem to have 3x the hp and hit for twice as much damage. And there are like two of them attacking you the moment you walk in there. Brutal. I decided to just go elsewhere. :roll: (I was SL 27)

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