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User Info: Jayboat

5 years ago#1
I've compiled a list of all spells, and locations, for the three achievements. The second post after this will be a sort of how-to on the NPC and Covenant locations.


Fire Surge - Painted World
Acid Surge - Painted World
Great Chaos Fireball - Join Chaos Covenant
Chaos Storm - Level 2 Chaos Covenant
Chaos Fire Whip - Lost Izalith
Flash Sweat - Laurentius
Iron Flesh - Laurentius
Combustion - Laurentius, Quelana
Fire Orb - Laurentius, Quelana
Fireball - Laurentius, Quelana
Fire Whip - Quelana
Great Combustion - Quelana
Firestorm - Quelana
Fire Tempest - Quelana
Great Fireball - Quelana
Undead Rapport - Quelana
Power Within - Blight Town, under giant bug
Poison Mist - Eingyi, or found in Blight Town
Toxic Mist - Eingyi


Heal - Petrus/Rhea of Thorolund
Great Heal - Excerpt Petrus/Rhea of Thorolund
Seek Guidance - Petrus/Rhea of Thorolund
Homeward - Petrus/Rhea of Thorolund
Force - Petrus/Rhea of Thorolund
Great Heal - Rhea of Thorolund
Wrath of the Gods - Rhea of Thorolund
Magic Barrier - Rhea, post Tomb of the Giants
Replenishment - Rhea, post Tomb of the Giants
Karmic Justice - Oswald of Carim (Come At Me Guy, in Belfry after first bell)
Emit Force - Siegmeyer, after three knights in Anor Londo
Sunlight Blade - Anor Londo, after Gwyn
Lightning Spear - Warrior of Sunlight Covenant
Great Lightning Spear - Warrior of Sunlight Covenant
Darkmoon Blade - Blade of the Darkmoon Covenant
Gravelord Sword Dance - Join Gravelord Servant Covenant
Gravelord Greatsword Dance - Level 1 Gravelord Servant
Great Magic Barrier - Ash Lake, second giant tree
Vow of Silence - Painted World, top of Annex
Soothing Sunlight - Duke's Archives, kill monsters near Logan's cell
Bountiful Sunlight - Duke's Archives, kill monsters near Logan's cell
Tranquil Walk of Peace - The Catacombs


Fall Control - Griggs
Aural Decoy - Griggs
Soul Spear - Griggs, Logan
Great Soul Arrow - Griggs, Logan
Great Heavy Soul Arrow - Griggs, Logan
Homing Soulmass - Griggs, Logan
Magic Weapon - Griggs, Logan
Magic Shield - Griggs, Logan
Soul Arrow - Griggs, Rickert, Logan. Default for Sorcerer.
Heavy Soul Arrow - Griggs, Rickert, Logan
Homing Crystal Soulmass - Logan
Crystal Magic Weapon - Logan
Crystal Soul Spear - Logan
White Dragon Breath - Logan drop, after he's gone hollow
Great Magic Weapon - Anor Londo
Hush - Sen's Fortress
Strong Magic Shield - Duke's Archive chest
Hidden Weapon - Dusk of Oolacile
Hidden Body - Dusk of Oolacile
Repair - Dusk of Oolacile
Cast Light - Dusk of Oolacile
Chameleon - Dusk of Oolacile
Remedy - Blight Town
Resist Curse - Ingward

User Info: Jayboat

5 years ago#2
Chaos Covenant+Eingyi - After Quelaag, go below the bell level and find a false wall. Talk to the Egg Undead and answer "Yes" to move on. You do not need the Witch's Ring to join the covenant. After joining, Eingyi will sell his spells

Laurentius - Rescue from Butchers in Depths. He is in a barrel. Roll at it.

Quelana - Blight Town. With back to water wheel, she is sitting on the first pillar island to the right.

Petrus - The fat Way of the White guy at Firelink.

Rhea - The 'maiden' who shows up near Petrus later in the story.

Warrior of Sunlight Covenant - Requires 50 Faith to join. However, if you assist other players in killing bosses, the requirement drops by 5 for each assist.

Gravelord Covenant - MUST JOIN BEFORE TOMB OF THE GIANTS. Have Eye of Death. Proceed to the lower levels of The Catacombs. You will come upon a prowling-demon at the end of a long hallway. Immeditely in front of the prowling-demon is a slightly open coffin. Climb into the coffin and wait about 30 seconds. You do not have to kill the demon, but you must have at least one Eye of Death on you. A cut scene will trigger and you will be taken to Nito's tomb. Go and interact with the giant coffin containing Nito, and join the covenenant.

Griggs - Locked in the house in lower Undead Burg, before Capra. Requires buying Residence Key from male Undead Merchant.

Logan - Free from Sen's Fortress. Then Duke's Archives. He'll appear in a treasure room behind a bookcase afterward.

Dusk of Oolacile - After defeating the Hydra at Darkroot, proceed into the left side of the lake. Follow the wall all the way down to find a golden golem. Rusted Iron Ring recommended. After defeating it, this NPC appears. Her summon sign will appear next to the rock you probably used to cheap out Hydra.

Ingward - Top of a building in New Londo.

User Info: Jayboat

5 years ago#3
Already off front page. I'd like people to see this.

User Info: Proxx20

5 years ago#4
Bump for great post that deserves a sticky. Thanks for posting.
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User Info: UndoubledZim

5 years ago#5
Bump and stickied
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User Info: Fugenot

5 years ago#6
bump, been looking all over for this
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User Info: Jayboat

5 years ago#7
Fugenot posted...
bump, been looking all over for this

That's exactly why I made it: So people don't have to go wandering all over the net to find all the spells, and can just stick to the message board they know and love. </cheesy>

User Info: Jayboat

5 years ago#8
Bump for a sticky.

User Info: Jayboat

5 years ago#9
Bumping yet again. It's sad that people don't want these informationals.

User Info: TWPE

5 years ago#10
You don't need sunlight spear for the achievement?
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