Divine Weapons?

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User Info: SoulAssassinnn

6 years ago#1
I've been rocking the Furysword ... but I'm not sure if that's even a 'divine' weapon. What's the easiest way to get a divine weapon to venture into the Catacombs with??

User Info: 47Oblivion47

6 years ago#2
The easiest way is to make one yourself using the Divine Ember found atop the tower past the Moonlight Butterfly.

Alternatively you can revert the Occult Club that the Mimic by Havel's Armour drops. But then your stuck with club.

To make a Divine Weapon get any weapon to +5 and give the Divine Ember to Andrei then you'll need to Green Titanite Shards.
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User Info: fcnd

6 years ago#3
Another way would be to get Astora's Straight Sword. You can take it with a Master Key straight out of the Asylum. Needs 14 Faith though.
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User Info: SoulAssassinnn

6 years ago#4
Oblivion -- you should be getting paid for your knowledge on Dark Souls :)

I gave the Divine Ember to someone already ... just don't remember who or where. Would I have used that ember to make my Furysword? I know I have the green shards as well...

User Info: heavyacademic

6 years ago#5
You don't use the Divine Ember to make the Fury Sword


You should have given the Divine Ember to Andrei in the Undead Parish since he asks for it.

User Info: SoulAssassinnn

6 years ago#6
I know I gave that Divine Ember to whoever asked for it - do I just go back to him to get a weapon upgraded to divine?

User Info: RvLasttime

6 years ago#7
Yep you just need a wep at +5, (a regulat wep not a name'd brand wep ) and some green talcite shards
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