Opinion: best rapier-type weapon?

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User Info: jamers

6 years ago#1

I'm about to ove on to NG+ with an INT build, and want to make use of my red chunks and slab before moving on. I plan to maintain at least 10 humanity at all times in NG+, and so want to build a solid Chaos weapon to take advantage. Currently using a Lightning Claymore+4 mostly, with a Moonlight Greatsword+5 as backup (at 31 INT, the claymore does more damage to mose enemies). I have Quelaag's Furysword and more than enough demon titanite to get it to +5, but I'm 1 dex short of the requirement (have 12) and am going for an INT build, so won't be relying on it primarily, unless it's really awesome (which I hear it is?)

As I understand it (please correct me if I'm wrong), the humanity bonus from chaos weapons is per hit, so it's better to upgrade a faster weapon to chaos to take advantage of its mechanics. So I was thinking of using a rapier; something quick to dish out combos in succession, and which I wouldn't need to alter my stats much to use (maybe a couple points in DEX).

Of course, the whole plan sort of hinges on how the scaling gets tweaked in the patch, but for now, anyone have their two cents to offer on this? Sorry about the rambling post. Thanks for reading!

User Info: Oni_Tatsujin

6 years ago#2
Ricard's Rapier. Its R2 combo is 5 quick hits in a blink of an eye, each strike doing full damage.

Since you are an INT character, keep the Ricard's Rapier on the normal upgrade path, all the way to +15. That way, you can apply Crystal or Strong magic Weapon to it.

My Sorcerer character makes use of Ricard's - Crystal Magic Weapon combo, and it DESTROYS. Two presses of R2 and it does over 2,000 damage against bosses... Though of course, I have 50 INT, Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring, and Crown of Dusk on.

Ricard's Rapier requires 20 DEX, but it is oh so worth it.
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User Info: jamers

6 years ago#3

Interesting. I like what I'm hearing... thanks for the feedback! 20 DEX does seem a bit steep (I'm at 12), just because I'm trying to keep fairly low so as to be able to matchup in PvP (not much luck so far, regardless). I suppose I could upgrade Ricard's to 15 and keep an Estoc or something at chaos +5... after all, titanite chunks are easy pickins in the Kiln.

Thanks for the feedback!

User Info: KentF

6 years ago#4
Out of curiosity, what's the damage difference between a Ricard's Rapier+15 with Crystal Magic Weapon and an Enchanted Ricard's Rapier+5?

I've only tested Sunlight Blade on weapons (which has yielded pretty unfortunate results - with the Faith needed to cast it, a fully-upgraded Divine weapon will deal a very close amount of damage, and even more on riposte/backstab attacks... And doesn't require casting). Considering that Enchanted weapons have a very high amount of Intelligence scaling, I'm really wondering how they fare compared to casting spells on your weapon to enhance it.
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