my fellow demon slayers why aren't you using a raw man-serpent sword

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  3. my fellow demon slayers why aren't you using a raw man-serpent sword

User Info: FinalWolf

5 years ago#11
Lol lighting weapons

User Info: SmokingGhost

5 years ago#12
BobbyWisely posted...
thats fine if you wanna stay at that low SL and use lightning weapons totally your choice

but the serious and competitive PVP will always be much higher than that

but your free to play as you like

i actually like the man serpent sword it was an ok weapon before the patch now its pretty bad ass

i still prefer the claymore but i like the man serpent sword too

lol @ telling Grimno about "serious PvP". I think he's got a pretty good idea of it at this point. XD
[Smoking Ghost]

User Info: Krazoa2

5 years ago#13

From: rice_noodles | #008
Because I don't fancy raw man.

Holy crap that was such a funny joke where'd in the world did you ever come up with such a funny joke man that was such a funny joke you're so funny man that was funny good one funny man good one you're so smart wow, so funny. Good one. Man. Good. One. Man.

User Info: Valvador

5 years ago#14
Black Knight Greatsword and lovin it.

User Info: BobbyWisely

5 years ago#15
he may or may not be experienced at PvP havent came across him. but its not a great post obviously lightning weapons rule at that low a soul level

and im sure there is some good PvP at lower soul levels but i remain fixed in what i said

competitive PvP will always be at higher soul level cos then people can actually specialise there builds and be more variety in builds

why you think most the demon souls competitive and organised pvp remained at the 120 kinda level and this happened for a long time

you really think that this wont happen for this game also. some people will play this game for a long time and the majority of the competitive or serious pvp will be at much higher levels than 32

thats more or less guaranteed

low level pvp may well continue also and may get some good matches but it wont be as fun or varied or competitive as the higher levels

anyway this post was about the raw man serpernt sword so this is a pointless discussion

im not saying everyone is wrong but i believe time will prove me right as to what level the majority of the SERIOUS pvp will be played at

and all the japanese players ive played have been rocking higher level builds to be honest most the skilled opponents ive fought have been higher level

so much of the low level PvP ive seen has just been people getting all the best gear in the game and remaining low thinking this gives them an advantage which is often does. hence why there was a lot of low level griefing going on

least if you leave it to 120 its fair to say most people will have access to the same kinda gear, rings, spells and had time to upgrade weapons of there choice

unless theres some proper organised low level PvP i consider it pointless 8 times out of 10 at least cos my opponents generally didnt have the tools to deal with what i had. so wasnt a fair fight

User Info: BobbyWisely

5 years ago#16
if the general community all settled on 32 for pvp id be cool with that and make a new 32 level build

but the fact is more people are swinging towards the 120 kinda level. this seems to be the popular and more sensible choice.

anyone is free to disagree with me and play PvP at whatever level they like

but i think youll find the majority of players are likely to be going for 120 as opposed to 32

but time will tell
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  3. my fellow demon slayers why aren't you using a raw man-serpent sword

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