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User Info: Sireaux

6 years ago#1
Hey guys, this is my first run through the game and I picked a Sorcerer, I was just wondering what is the best build for a pure sorcerer? As I have never played this game before. Any help would be great! :)

User Info: heymejimbo

6 years ago#2
you'll find pretty soon that you do need to swing a sword and blocks attacks with a shield at some point, especially with no experience in the game. every build starts with two necessary stats early on, vitality and endurance. endurance lets you block more attacks with your shield and attack more without running out of stamina, it will also let you equip heavier armors without getting slowed down. very versatile stat point. vitality raises your health. now if you really want to try beating the game with only your magic you can definitely try it. in that case you can just only raise vitality for survivability. next your attunement determines how many slots you have for spells, so the sorcerer starting class is excellent for this. just 3 slots is alright for the early game and then you can add more as you go along. finally your intelligence is what will both give you the ability to use better spells and also adjust the damage of your spells. the highest level spells in the game will require 50 int. anyways the game isn't really all that confusing and there's been plenty of threads already asking about how to start out in the game. good luck and enjoy the unofficial gam eof the year

User Info: heavyacademic

6 years ago#3
There is a nice sorcerer build here

Maybe that will help you build your character?

There are some tips here

User Info: SkippyjonJones1

6 years ago#4
One thing to keep in mind also is not to worry about getting your strength and dexterity up too high. I have my strength at 16 or so and dexterity around 12 and I'm a level 62. Once you can upgrade your weapons with titanite (green) your weapons scale with your intelligence. I once you get them to +5 magic go the enchanted route with blue titanite chunks. Then your weapons have an A scale stat with intelligence.

User Info: Supah1337

6 years ago#5
Sireaux posted...
Hey guys, this is my first run through the game and I picked a Sorcerer, I was just wondering what is the best build for a pure sorcerer? As I have never played this game before. Any help would be great! :)

My sorcerer I put pretty much every point into INT and attune, I stopped putting points into attune around 6~7 slots and stopped putting points into INT after 45. what you want to do is make sure you're using the best available spells. I started the game and bought the soul arrow and heavy soul arrow spells from the blacksmith in New Anor Londo (from the firelink bonfire, down the stairs until you see an elevator, turn right and there will be another set of stairs leading to his cell). With two stacks of soul arrow and one of heavy soul arrow you should be set until the depths, which by then you can free a sorcerer in lower undead burg to purchase better spells from. Grind for a while and buy all of his better spells, especially greater soul arrow/heavy soul arrow.

In Sen's fortress you can free another sorcerer with better spells, purchase soul spear from him.

Later after Anor Londo you will have a choice of four areas, choose the one that is next door to Anor Londo (there will be a bonfire with a lady in gold armor, go up the stairs and take a left, follow that path and you will find the next area, you need to beat the Anor Londo area boss first). If you progress through this area you will be able to buy the best spell in the game, Crystal Soul Spear. This will allow you to destroy your enemies. It will also allow you to find an Enchanted Falchion in a chest, which will scale with intelligence and is a great weapon to upgrade to +5 for a sorcerer.

After you have ~45 INT and enough attunement for your liking, put points into other stats.
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User Info: fuzz257

6 years ago#6
I guess its probably a difference of opinions here, but IMO you only need or 4 magic slots. My magic has no points wasted on vitality, only enough strength to wield my current weapon (strength only really needs to be around 16 or so), no points in dexterity, and the only areas I really have points are intelligence and endurance. I try and keep my int about double my endurance.
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