PVP sucks because of lag and DWG ring users w/poise med armor

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  3. PVP sucks because of lag and DWG ring users w/poise med armor

User Info: Acel

5 years ago#1
Its just pointless to be a REAL thief wearing light armor with daggers when you are up against a warping medium armored poised great sword bs spamming non role playing pyromancer with 99 vit and endurance... neato.

Im out. From Software shouldve stuck with Armored Core without simplified quick boost.
GT: The Real Acel

User Info: BobbyWisely

5 years ago#2
i can see you have some concerns

if your experiencing lag that is unfortunate

but complaining about people using darkwood grain ring ? if you dont like it tahts ok. but it is arguably the best ring in the game. it allows full movility at 50 instead of 25 % and the ninja rolls have more frames of invincibility and faster recovery

most the good pvp players use thins ring cos its so easy to avoid many attacks and magic abuse. you cant very well blame people for using an extremely effective ring

also you need poise for PvP its not like demon souls. if your using a melee build you simply must have poise. your gonna have to adjust to this fact or face many difficult matches cos your opponents will have a big advantage

its unforutnate if you feel the need to give up. and i can assure you there is plenty good non lag PvP going on at the kiln

it recommend making a few changes to your PvP set up and trying some more. but if you really feel that you do not wish to play this game that is unfortunate

but there is lots of good PvP going on now its a lot better than it was b4

User Info: BobbyWisely

5 years ago#3
if you wanna wear light armour maybe you should play as a mage and just avoid getting into any sort of melee situations if you can help it

in demon souls heavy armour sucked and most people didnt bother with it

in dark souls light armour sucks ( at least for most PvP)

User Info: doomedsunsoul

5 years ago#4
There are a lot of ways to counter that ring.

First off if you AREN'T using that ring and still have full speed that means you have one or even two ring slots open while your opponent is most likely using havels and dwgr.

There are a lot of things you can do that they can't. Soo many great rings they won't be able to use at all.

First option for your type of character is of course the hornet ring. That with a good backstab weapon and you are a 2 hit killing machine. Add power within and you are now a walking one hit killer. Add the wolf ring and you have the poise of decent medium armor yourself.

If you can't get good at backstabs then learn to parry. It's not hard when they opponent has a big slow weapon.

Actually you complaining about the huge swords makes no sense since they should be your best friend. No matter how fast the other guy is if he has a slow weapon you should be able to use that to your advantage. If you are constantly getting stun-locked and killed then you just aren't playing very well. You can even put on the lightest stuff in the game then the wolf ring and havels gauntlets and you will be over the second threshold of poise which should stop you from a single hit stun-lock with most weapons.

If you can't backstab or parry or stop getting stun-locked then you simply cannot play as a thief and should try a new playstyle or as you suggested go play armored core.

User Info: u1tradt

5 years ago#5

I find it quite pathetic when people feel the need to make a thread to announce they're going to stop playing a certain game. If you don't want to play the game then bugger off and be done with it.

User Info: BobbyWisely

5 years ago#6
i kinda agree it is a little whiny for me

but the guy did still support teh dark souls community by getting this game even though it seems hes given up. little defeatist for me

prob not interested in any advice or things we post that might change his mind

but i hope he reconsiders

i understand lag being a problem. this spoiled a couple of my matches but aint effected any PvP since the patch for me

but the rest of the stuff hes comaplaining about wouldnt be a problem if he learned the game better and used different tactics

i hope he at least tries a new build and some new tactics b4 quitting but thats hs choice i guess

User Info: Dungereezy

5 years ago#7
uhh the quick boost in armored core 4/for answer was the best idea ever.

as for the rest of your post *shrug*

User Info: rice_noodles

5 years ago#8
I am a DWG ring user with poise HEAVY armor \trollface.


5 years ago#9
I also play with light armor and I have one very big advantage over FaP/Havels + DWGR users.

I didn't invest in endurance. Playing with a rapier and trying to max crits I don't need a huge stamina bar to be effective.

Like mentioned above, try different ring combos. I use Black Iron Gauntlets + Wolf ring (with my 45 VIT I can run through a great sword attack and usually chew a huge chunk of their HP off with a BS)

Invade a world where a guy was using a lightning weapon? Gold stoneplate.

but seriously, try out the wolf ring with just enough END to equip black iron/stone/havels/Giants/golem/smough gauntlets. then watch EWGFs Backstab video on youtube.

Oh and if you are really having trouble, get cheap. You mentioned roleplay, so do it. You don't need to be an honorable duelist. Be a dirty cheap blade in the dark. seek out those 2v1 situations and flank for the BS.

If anything Dark Souls strengthened PVP "roleplay" a giant armoured tank will of course fair better in 1v1 battles with a guy wearing a cloth shirt. but once he is distracted and makes a bad swing with that 2 handed Zwiel... game over .

All of that said, come on guys DWGR is super OP and I think it should be nerfed a bit. it would have made way more sense if it only changed the 25% roll animation. Making those who sacrifice armor for mobility that much faster. Heavy users get havels/FaP and light armor users get... nothing.

User Info: GodlyPerfection

5 years ago#10
It isn't hard playing a light armor character. And poise isn't required at all as long as you know how to break stun lock and know how to maneuver and punish people who only use one strategy then you will do fine. This game really is about skill over equipment. You can be good with any weapon and wear no armor at all and beat 95% of the people that play this game.

The first thing you NEED to do is stop blaming loses on lag and your opponent because then you offer excuses and don't try to get better. There is nothing you can do about lag or what your opponent does... only how you react to it. If other players can compete with the lag and DWG ring users with high poise then so can you. YOU JUST GOT TO BELIEVE!!! lol...

Sorry to hear you are leaving but you need to stop making excuses and take responsibility for your losses.
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  3. PVP sucks because of lag and DWG ring users w/poise med armor

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