Dark Souls FAQ V2.0 *please read* (minimal spoilers)

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    Eye of Death: Consumable Item, found in the game and as dropped items. For use with the Gravelord Covenant, this item curses up to 3 other players’ worlds causing black phantoms to appear in their games. Players who find your sign can invade your world and try to kill you, thus ending the curse. The curse layer must be in Human Form and have not beaten the boss of the area they are in.

    Everlasting Dragon Eye: Infinite use item, given by the Dragon Covenant. Player lays down a sign allowing you to be summoned by someone holding a Dragon Scale. Winning the fight grants additional Dragon Scales.

    More Info on online play and items can be found at the following:

    Q. Why do I sometimes get 10 Estus flasks when resting, and sometimes I get 5?
    A. This is because of something called “Kindling”. If you have humanity in your counter (upper left hand of screen), and are human, you can kindle any fire to provide you a total of 10 estus flasks. There are 3 bonfires protected by a firekeeper, and these are the ones that automatically start at +10. Later in the game you get an item that allows kindling to +20.

    Q. How do I summon someone to help me?
    A. There are specific requirements in order to summon someone, and they are:
    1. You must be in Human Form
    2. The area boss you are wanting to summon someone in must not be killed
    3. You must be in an area where others’ have laid their summon signs. Typically it is at the bonfire nearest the boss area, or just in front of the boss area.
    4. There is a level restriction of +/- 10 Soul Levels, +/- 10%. An example is you are SL46, you can summon someone up to SL50 or as low as SL33

    Notes: The first half of the game is more heavily populated in terms of co-op and invasions, later areas will have more invasions and less co-op. Players in the same covenant have a higher likelihood of being matched up together. Also keep in mind that a higher SL will not see much action in earlier areas of the game (because of the +/- rule)

    Q. What should my stats look like?
    A. There is no perfect amount for anything on stats. It all depends on personal preference and build design. The one guarantee is that it’s generally accepted that nobody levels resistance. Here are some general guidelines:

    Vitality (VIT): Increases your HP. Up to 30 is fine, 40 is ideal, after that there are diminishing returns. Many pump this up to as high as 50-60, again depending on your build.

    Attunement (ATT): Increasing this increases the number of available slots you have to carry spells with you. There are levels to this.
    Attunement Spell Slots
    0-9 0
    10-11 1
    12-13 2
    14-15 3
    16-18 4
    19-22 5
    *So 19 attunement grants you the same number of spell slots as 22 attunement. 5 spell slots is generally a good number.

    Endurance (END): Increases your Stamina and Equip Load. Stamina caps at 40END, and more than that only increases your Equip Load and linked attributes (some defense and resistances).

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