Dark Souls FAQ V2.0 *please read* (minimal spoilers)

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    Main Scaling Attribute (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Faith): Leveling one to a max of 40-50 gains the best results and allows you to use the biggest number of items for that particular class archetype. Example would be a big knight having 40 Strength to allow him access to the highest number of weapons. A mage would have 40-50 Intelligence to allow access to the most spells. Leveling 1 is the easiest, but many builds are dual-stat, these are a little more complicated

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    Q. Why is my high Intelligence not affecting my Pyromancy Damage?
    A. Pyromancy damage scales with the level of your glove, not the level of your Intelligence or Faith. There are three NPC’s in the game that allow you to upgrade your Pyro Glove, much in the same way you upgrade a weapon. 2 of them upgrade your glove from standard to +15, and the third upgrades it from +15 to ascended status. Ascended restarts at base level, but you’ll get more damage out of it. It caps at +5 ascended.

    Q. I attacked an NPC and now he’s chasing me, what do I do?
    A. For starters, don’t attack everything. If a character moves towards you, ATTACK! If it is sitting there, no matter how menacing it may look, DO NOT ATTACK! If you went ahead and attacked a NPC, there is an NPC you find early in the game that will forgive your “sins” at a price. Oswald of Carim, found after the Gargoyle boss fights at the base of the belltower, will absolve your sins for 500souls X your SL (example: SL10 500 x 10 = 5,000 souls). He will also let you leave a covenant without upsetting them.

    Q. I used a firekeeper soul and it barely gave me any souls, why is that?
    A. These souls, along with Boss Souls, should not be used to raise your soul count. Firekeeper souls should be fed to one of the three firekeeper’s to increase your Estus count. An estus flask +3 gives more health gain than an estus flask +1. +7 is the max you can increase your Estus flask to.

    Q. Why does my character move so slow?
    A. The endurance stat increases your stamina, as well as your EQUIP LOAD. This number dictates the amount of stuff you can have equipped (equipped is different than in your inventory). There are breakpoints for movement speed, and they are as follows:

    <25% of your total equip weight = Fastest maneuvering and rolling
    =/>25%<50% of your total equip weight = Slower maneuvering and rolling
    =/>50%<100% of your total equip weight = Much slower maneuvering and rolling
    =/>100% of your total equip weight = Slowest maneuvering and cannot roll

    Q. So how can I equip all this heavy stuff and still bounce around like a nimble cat?
    A. A few things. Start by checking your equipment screen, and pressing “Y” until you see “equip load x/x”

    1. Raise your Endurance – This raises your total equip load, as well as leveling you up
    2. Equip Havel’s Ring – This ring raises your max equip load by 50%
    3. Equip Ring of Favor and Protection – This ring boosts max HP, Stamina, and Equip Load by 20% - BUT IT BREAKS IF REMOVED
    4. Equip the Mask of the Father helmet – This helmet increases your max Equip Load

    Q. Someone invaded me and was FLIPPING, not rolling, how is that possible?
    A. He’s using the Dark Wood Grain Ring. The item is found with multiple steps, ending in killing an NPC.

    More Info on how to obtain it can be found here http://darksouls.wikidot.com/dark-wood-grain-ring

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