Dark Souls FAQ V2.0 *please read* (minimal spoilers)

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    Q. Why does every post here contain an acronym I have no idea what the hell it is?
    A. Here is a list of the most common and highly used acronyms (usually items or spells):

    DWGR – Dark Wood Grain Ring --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/dark-wood-grain-ring
    RoFP – Ring of Favor & Protection --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/ring-of-favor-and-protection
    CGSR – Covetous Gold Serpent Ring --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/covetous-gold-serpent-ring
    RoF – Ring of Fog --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/ring-of-fog
    WOTG – Wrath of the Gods --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/wrath-of-the-gods
    DMB – Dark Moon Blade --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/darkmoon-blade
    GMB – Great Magic Barrier --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/great-magic-barrier
    TWoP – Tranquil Walk of Peace --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/tranquil-walk-of-peace
    CMW – Crystal Magic Weapon --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/crystal-magic-weapon
    SMS – Strong Magic Shield --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/strong-magic-shield
    DGM – Demon Great Machete --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/demon-great-machete
    BK___ - Black Knight “weapon” --- http://darksouls.wikidot.com/black-knight

    Q. I want to get the knight’s honor achievement, is there a good list to go off?
    A. Sure is, here it is http://darksouls.wikidot.com/knights-honor

    Q. I saw a weird little spider guy that was shooting me with some spell, WTF?
    A. These are called ‘Vagrants’ and can spawn as either good or evil. There are several in the game, and some can spawn randomly in certain areas. For more info, check this out http://darksouls.wikidot.com/drift-items

    Q. So I was PVP’ing and some jackwagon didn’t take damage from my attacks, WTF?
    A. There are “hackers” that have cheated the game and have infinite health. There are a couple well known ones to this forum. The easiest way to walk away is either
    1. Lure him near an edge and force him off the edge (kick, spells, attack until he falls back from blocking).
    2. Enter a party through the “XBOX” button. This will quit your game and force you back to the starting screen in offline mode.

    Q. I’m about to beat the game, anything I should know or do?
    A. Yes, here is a simple list to work from:
    1. Start by kindling your most used bonfires in the game, as these will carry over into your NG+ (and beyond).
    2. Then run and kill the firekeepers (Anor Londo and Daughter of Chaos), reinforce the estus with their souls. This will allow you to hit the +7 cap quickly in NG+. start from Firelink for each so you can Homeward bone back, as killing them eliminates the ability to use fire to warp.
    3. Kill ALL NPC’s and merchants. Many of them drop humanity and souls, and they all respawn in your NG+.
    4. Farm the baby skeleton pit just before the Nito boss fight area. They drop humanity frequently.
    5. Farm the black knights in the Klin for chunks of every color, and upgrade as many weapons /armor you will need moving forward, as the embers do not roll over. This will allow for the max amount of upgraded items possible in the beginning of NG+.
    You retain all items, boss souls, etc. The only things lost are embers given to blacksmiths, the abyss ring, and the lava ring.

    More Info: mustb18toride suggested using the item dropped from the Darkwraiths in New Londo Ruins RT attack to suck souls from NPC’s before killing them to gain more humanity. Great TIP!

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