Dark Souls FAQ V2.0 *please read* (minimal spoilers)

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    ~~~Helpful Tips for Starters~~~
    Avoid this area if you don’t want spoilers

    Often missed gameplay mechanics:
    1. Hold “B” to run.
    2. While running, release and press “B” again to jump.
    3. Press “B” to slide down ladders, much quicker than slowly using ladders.

    Early Game Suicide Runs:
    1. As soon as you hit the firelink shrine, go towards the Fat NPC, and drop down the elevator shaft. This will leave you in an area above the graveyard with multiple chests and decent starting items.
    2. The graveyard has some difficult skeletons, but some good items, including weapons and “soul of” items.
    3. Drop down into New Londo Ruins and snag the Fire Keeper soul
    4. If you’re feeling really ballsy, run and kill Pinwheel immediately to gain the rite of kindling. I’ve done this dozens of times at level 10 and is completely possible. For a quick route, check out this video http://youtu.be/mmcJunY-Pv4 starting at 6:08

    Keep getting killed by those skellies in the graveyard?
    You’re going the wrong way! Talk to the NPC sitting next to the bonfire and he mentions ringing bells. The first one is UP, so head that way once you’re ready.

    I can’t kill the friggin’ first boss, the Taurus Demon, what to do?
    Watch this http://youtu.be/x9ymysN3qQ8 starting at 5:50

    I need a good weapon to start with, where is one?
    Get your dex to 12, buy a bow/arrows from the merchant in the undead burg, and then do what’s in this video http://youtu.be/lS0x5OpEt8M

    I want to play offline, are there NPC guys I can summon?
    Yes, there are a few. The best is Solaire, you meet him just before the red dragon in the undead burg. Instead of taking the bridge where the dragon blasts you, go the opposite direction and he’s there wishing he was so grossly incandescent.

    There is a list here, scroll down to the Phantom section http://darksouls.wikidot.com/npcs

    Not listed there is Knight Lautrec, a video showing where he is http://youtu.be/6RCKDYPim3I Keep in mind that once you free him, you have to talk to him in Firelink Shrine before his summon sign is available for the gargoyles.

    This Capra Demon is a real SOB, how do I beat him?
    A few ways. Get items with poise if possible, get a good shield. Take out the dogs ASAP, then the demon himself is rather easy. A good strategy is to roll to the left as soon as you go into the fog door, and then run up the stairs. Drop down the ledge, and take out a dog. Rinse and repeat for the second dog, then the Demon is all alone and much easier.

    I’ve been using the Drake Sword, and all of a sudden it’s not killing enemies as quickly as it was, why is that?
    That’s because the Drake Sword sucks in the grand scheme of the game, but it’s grossly overpowered early on. If you rely on its power, you’ll soon realize you’re not actually getting better, just relying on an overpowered item. Once it’s power is negated, you are gonna get your butt kicked.

    That said, early in Sen’s Fortress (essentially the 3rd area of the game), you get a nice elemental weapon that should carry you a while. Here’s a video http://youtu.be/osHg7wbaHMM the weapon is found at 6:00. Do not let the mimic drop down the elevator chute, you’ll lose this item.

    I’m having a heck of a time with “X” boss, can you help me?
    Yes! Most bosses have simple patterns that they follow. Try each boss a couple of times, and pay attention to what they do. And in most cases, leveling up is not always the answer. Item upgrades (do more damage, defend against more damage) are far more important. Keep that in mind, and most of your problems will go away.

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