Dark Souls FAQ V2.0 *please read* (minimal spoilers)

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    Is there a good place to farm souls?
    Check out this video http://youtu.be/Cp6IKCG1U8U
    The bonfire he starts from is behind an invisible wall to the left of the door with the crest emblem.

    Buy the key from andre the blacksmith for 20k the go out the door by him. Kill titanite demon, out into forest and go straight. You'll see the locked door.

    Is there a good place to farm humanity?
    All rats can drop it, so try the sewers at any point. Late in the game, there is an area that infinitely spawns little skeletons that drop humanity…A LOT. You’ll know the area the second you get to it. Here’s a video http://youtu.be/jyMPp8AsDOk

    Can I kill Seath the first time I meet him?
    No, this is the one instance that you are forced to die. I always equip a ring of sacrifice to ensure no lost souls/humanity/etc. You can/will kill him shortly thereafter.

    Every time I post on this board, someone treats me like I’m an idiot, why is that?
    There are some “rules” around here I guess.
    If you are asking for help on a boss, offering help, asking for trades, etc – MAKE SURE TO POST YOUR SOUL LEVEL
    If you need some help, or trades – DO NOT MAKE 3 TOPICS THAT ARE ALL ON THE FIRST PAGE. This is a slow moving board, no need to berate the community with the same thing over and over.
    Try searching using the search bar, if you have access to it, or at least read the topics on the first page or two before posting a question. I’ve seen a lot of “can’t beat “X” boss fight” topic, with another just like it two lines down.

    I’ve heard of the Bottomless Box Glitch and the Dragon Head Glitch, how do I do them?
    I, and most others on this board, will not help you find out how to cheat the game we love. If you want to do this, use google. You’ll get it…

    Here are some great spots for tons of info outside of Game Faq’s:

    Much of this information is just gathered from the forums and the wiki’s. Thanks to everyone on the PS3 boards (Renegade109), and of course the XBOX boards (EWGF, RPGNinja, Zamuss, HeyPeterMan, BlazinAsian112, GSOKash, PeevePeeverson, mustb18toride)