Patch 1.05...worth it?

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User Info: Maxx_Crowley

5 years ago#1
Alright I'll start by saying that I don't play online and I could not care less about online play.

I recently read some notes on the newest patch, I have none of them, and apparently some technically issues were addressed. Of note were a few problems that annoyed me. But I have yet to both getting it.

Reason? Because I kept reading this nerfed that nerfed, this duration time shortened, that effectiveness decreased.

Now before any snobs start screaming "Now the game is as it should be! Skill XXXX was TOO good!" Know that I don't care about that kind of crap.

All I want to know is if the game has been significantly changed. I do not care about online. I do not care about PVP. I just want to play the game I have gotten used to without stupid changes screwing with me.

I just wanted the tech issues addressed and I honestly hate crap like this. Its the reason Diablo 2 drove me nuts. Seemed like every few months they would come in and start tweaking crap.

Anyway...for anyone who takes my question seriously and delivers a helpful answer. Thank you.

User Info: HoustonBoy98

5 years ago#2
why dont you read the patch notes and judge if its a big enough deal on your own?

we cant tell whats important to you since it seems you enjoy a game offline
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User Info: Maxx_Crowley

5 years ago#3
I'm sorry Houston I meant to be more clear with this.

What I ultimately mean is I would like to know if the game has seriously changed with skills becoming useless or what not.

Basically I don't want the game to become drastically harder or drastically easier. So if this is the case I will just forgo the patch entirely.

User Info: pjcamper

5 years ago#4

I think a couple of things were nerfed somewhat because they were OP, pre-patch.  IIRC, pyro might have been and I know the the attack specs on the crystal ring shield were.  I played pre and post-patch and I really didn't see any difference in playability.  Someone said you get more souls as drops now.  That was never an issue with me and isn't now.   Guess my point is, the core hasn't really changed.

User Info: do_the_walk

5 years ago#5
IMO the patches make the game easier as opposed to harder. The extra souls and ability to buy twinkling titanite ect. from the blacksmith in Anor Londo is well worth the slight nerfs to a few items/spells.

User Info: funkydude31

5 years ago#6
Um, offline can buy twinkling from the giant blacksmith? Thats a good enough reason for me. Everything else your talking about, enchants lasting longer/doing less or more damage, weapons being scaled up/down, glitches being fixed(crystal ring shield), they were all fixed solely because of online play. Think they really care you can kill a boss in 1 hit of a glitched CRS offline, I doubt it. If you can do that to another player over and over without fail every time, thats when a patch is needed.

Hook it up, get the patch. Sure, sometimes patches mess stuff up and they need to come out with another one to fix the issue, but usually patches are meant to.......fix...problems. It seems kind of redundant to ask if a patch is worth downloading, I'm going to say 9/10 people play with their consoles connected to an internet source so its just like updating your computer.

User Info: pjcamper

5 years ago#7

Forgot about the twinkling titanite.  I never use it anyway on my builds.  But that does remind me of another change.  Arrows can now be purchased from blacksmiths.  That has helped me..

User Info: ArchonKnight2

5 years ago#8
I noticed a few of the enemy behaviors changed in post-patch, especially the ones on the Wyvern bridge. I think more might have changed elsewhere.
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User Info: SierraRei

5 years ago#9
I find it brought a lot of things more in line with each other - lightning weapons no longer completely outclass all other branches, for example.

Also being able to get through Lost Izalith without getting gangbanged by gigantic lava dinosaurs is nice.

User Info: OldSnakeReborn

5 years ago#10
I'm thinking the TC is female mostly because the question is related to "... what am I thinking about?" Which is normally asked by women. If not, then I have no idea what to say here.

I would just download the patch, try it out, then uninstall it if you dislike it. A patch is not permanent and can be undone should you not like it. The patch is only required for online play, not single play.
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