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this happened to you?

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User Info: enrimel

5 years ago#1
so i was in The Great Hollow, rested at the bonfire, then descended slowly, wrong footing led to my height falling death. respawned at the bonfire, looked down to find my bloodstain, fell again, but this time on a not-so-high branch, letting me live. but as get up, my bloodstain vanished. i searched for it high and low, and couldn't find it. do you guys also experience this, i mean, the "vanishing" bloodstain when u fell getting to it altough surviving the fall?

User Info: domesplitter13

5 years ago#2
ya, i just went through that area and notice strange occurrences with my bloodstains. It would appear to be a couple drops down, but when I got there it was gone. I would then find it much lower down in the same side/position, if that makes since.

User Info: HuggieBear

5 years ago#3
Happened to me as well down in Blighttown. I had fallen off one of the ledges on my way down to the 2nd Bonfire by way of Firelink; on my way back, I could see my Bloodstain from a distance and from up above, but when I got close, it was nowhere to be seen. After 20 or so mins, I just cut my losses and moved on. It was curious though..
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