Are your fondest memories of the game PvP or PvE ones?

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User Info: RPGNinja123

5 years ago#1
This question is obviously for those who can experience both, but if you could only play offline feel free to share that too. Just interested to see overall who picks what more.

There is no doubt the PvP aspect of this game is unique in many ways, but really even with online capabilities I enjoyed just playing the actual game alot more and repeatedly finding different ways to kill the bosses with different characters.

It is not included but when it came online I was a fan of helping people out with coop just so long as it didn't feel like I was just rushing them through without them getting a good experience.
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User Info: pjcamper

5 years ago#2

I've done very little invading but a crap load of co-opping since I started playing so long ago. So I guess I have some PvP experience too. I have to agree with you RPG, regarding finding new ways to beat bosses. Fighting 4 Kings with a lightning Avelyn was certainly memorable as was going up against Capra with a +5 crossbow only (those were on my bowman build).

Best PvP memories I guess are about stupid/funny deaths... either mine, the invader, or the host. One that sticks out the most (I've already told this) is when I came out of the summons animation at the Duke's balcony bonfire to find my host just about to die to a Red phantom. I managed to kill the Red and the host came over to me and gave me the jump-for-joy gesture. As soon as he came out of the gesture animation, he was shot in the back by the archer on top of the bookcase, killing him.

It would have been even funnier if he took an arrow to the knee.

User Info: Zamuss

5 years ago#3
PvE by far, trying different builds, challeging my self with self imposed caps it has been a while since I enjoy a game so much to actually do this, and of course co-oping despite the many hours doing overally good and carrying teams on BF:BC2 I rarely got a good work mensage from my squad mates

In here however I was getting mensages constantly from people I helped either thanking me because they have been stuck in a given area for days or asking me for further help and that I gotta say has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had on any Multiplayer, reason why I'm still up to help people as long as i'm avalible
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User Info: RPGNinja123

5 years ago#4
I agree with you guys thats another point that needs to be made, when you help people out they are generally much more appreciative than other places.
The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money.

User Info: ramzariot

5 years ago#5
Two in pvp. One were I was helping a guy beat Smough and Ornstein. We took down Ornstein then he drew super Smough away and I shot him to death with Avelyn. That was the fight I needed to join the only covenant I had not obtained.

Second was when I was fighting another player in Anor Londo and he ran and escaped. While I was searching for him he sent me an insulting message. So hunting him down and killing him was probably the most satisfying pvp victory I've had.
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User Info: motorolla

5 years ago#6
The pvp memories without a shadow of a doubt. Absolutely classic amounts of hatemail has been received from pvping in Dark Soul's, aha.
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User Info: yraelo

5 years ago#7
My fondest memories are most definitely pvp. Trying out new builds and weapons, and just slowly getting better at using them(murakuma).
Oh and those times when you just get that sweet ass death blow on someone(my fav are running and jumping off a roof and massacring the poor soul).

User Info: tullgeese

5 years ago#8
I like PvE i prefer the nice messages i get from helping people. Most of the people i seem to encounter in PvP are complete asses.
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User Info: KaRnaGe101

5 years ago#9
Easily the PVE, or campaign itself, is the highlight of the game.

The PVP is a nice addition but doesnt become a focus until you have really exhausted the single player portion of the game.

This game is amazing because of its campaign, not because of its PVP.
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User Info: adept89

5 years ago#10
PvP all day. I power my house using the harnessed hatred generated by my Havel's + mask set.
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