Dark Souls = The Best RPG of This Generation?

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User Info: DarkestSouls

5 years ago#1
I seriously can't stop playing this game. The combat is so good and so addictive. The replay value is infinite, the online is fun, especially co-op for me

The challenges are also addictive, you have freedoms to impose self-restrictions to make different challenges (low level runs, all melee, etc)

anyone else addicted to this game?

(I posted the same topic in 360 board, but just want to get the reaction from Dark Souls board itself

User Info: Lord_Kafros

5 years ago#2
It cannot be the best RPG unfortunately because it doesnt elaborate on the story as expected from an RPG ,although the lore is there for those who look for it.
But it certainly is on the top 3 on my list.
I find it kind of funny,I find it kind of sad,
The dreams in which I'm dying , are the best I've ever had!

User Info: darth_rosco

5 years ago#3
Hi my names Ross and I'm a Dark Souls addict.

Seriously tho, this is the best GAME of this generation, since it came out I can't play anything ele without coming back to it, with maybe the exception of MW3 online with my friends

User Info: Aragorn_11

5 years ago#4
I honestly cannot think of any RPG this generation with a story even approaching "decent".

At least Dark Souls does something different in that respect, whether you consider the story good or not.

User Info: Malzel

5 years ago#5
I don't really find it very definitive as an RPG. Although, yes I do loosely consider it an RPG, but it's such a variance of the norm that I can't really put it above other games in that regard as I would have to be directly contrasting them.
I don't really enjoy Dark Souls for its RPG elements, which are fairly weak and lacking. I enjoy it for a lot of other reasons.
It is only human to commit a sin...

User Info: Rockdude221

5 years ago#6
Tales of Vesperia is pretty good.

User Info: deathmyrk

5 years ago#7
It's the best around!

This is the only game where I actually have a pumped-up, cheesy 80s Rocky-inspired soundtrack to play in the background while I am whooping bosses asses (seriously, I play the final f'ing countdown when I fought the 4 Kings on NG+++ and guess what, I kicked their a**!). I know, I am lame, but this game isn't. It's like an RPG fan's obstacle course/endurance run where true gamers practice to make perfect and right when they feel like an ultimate badass they get crushed and flattened to a toasty creme brulee because this game is not ashamed of overkill. This game revels in it.

Not to mention the arsenal is top-notch medieval wicked-bad and if Ronnie James Dio (R.I.P.) was still around, and much younger by nigh four generations, I am pretty sure THIS would be the game he'd be playing. I mean that's all most of his songs are about anyways. Being stripped from the light into the darkness of a decrepit medieval world by the ravenous clutches of demon souls and thrown into a pit of madness where hope is lost and all is dead and there's no hope for survival and you end up praying for a miracle to escape the fever dreams because it's not how you live, it's how you'll die. So prepare to die.

Yes, this game is the answers to the cravings us RPGamers have been having since the golden ages of Wizardry, Magician, Ultima, Adventure, Legend of Zelda II: The Adventures of Link (prob thought I was going to say the original game, but Zelda II was greater because of the difficulty and shi**y graphics -- i'm serious), Warriors of the Eternal Sun, Wizards and Warriors, Super Metroid, Castlevania, Demon Sword, Battle of Olympus, Faxanadu, and Rygar. There are plenty more games out there that I played out there, but I forgot most of them.

In any case, this game was made for us who owned records (or at least took it from our parent''s stash) and jammed to Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath while being so fascinated with the bleepity-bloops of god-awful solid colored textures of the Atari 2600 and thought the graphics were mind-blowing and the games were top of the line. This game is made for us who stayed up late past our bedtime, hidden under the covers pretending to be asleep, cursing on the top of our lungs from experiencing the cheap kill from the half-concocted NES title that made us lose our last life three hours in due to some glitch, faulty level design, technicality, or all three.

Yes, Dark Souls is the best because it brings us back to a time a lot of us gamers missed, when music was MUSIC, graphics did not matter (but this game is so GORGEOUS), and death in video games was not the end. Okay, maybe I am sounding corny, but that's cool because this game is rock-on Pantera-fist-in-the-face testosterone rage, Gremlin-enhanced awesomeness of total 20th century bliss.

You might be thinking I am putting a bunch of random words together. Nope. I mean EACH and every one of them, because Dark Souls is just that bad!
XBL GT: Deathmyrk

User Info: MrNukealizer

5 years ago#8
What he said, except that I missed most of that. This is more the beginning of the experience for me, rather than bringing back memories. I also have to add half a point of agreement since he mentioned Iron Maiden, and subtract half a point since he mentioned Pantera.
GT: Mr Nukealizer00
Main character's level: 100

User Info: Ripley_Alien

5 years ago#9
I had an Iron Maiden patch on my jean jacket in the 80's when I was in school.
XBL: monDVster
playing:Skyrim Borderlands 2 Dark Souls

User Info: RPGNinja123

5 years ago#10
Oh its easily the best of this generation, its been in consideration as best game of all time up to this point.
Currently Playing: Dark Souls (just PvPing and Coop), Bayonetta
Games on Deck : Dragon Age 1, Metal Gear Solid HD collection
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