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User Info: Curved_Sw0rd

4 years ago#1
Well what is it? - Results (17 votes)
35.29% (6 votes)
23.53% (4 votes)
I am Manus, Father of the Abyss!
41.18% (7 votes)
This poll is now closed.
How do they make you feel?
How about a nice big cup of shut the f*** up?

User Info: RPGNinja123

4 years ago#2
All of the choices taste like Dung Pie.

inb4 Grammar Nazi (Isn't it Pursuers)?
Currently Playing: Dark Souls (just PvPing and Coop), Metal Gear Solid HD collection
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User Info: the_curator

4 years ago#3
Whenever I see dark humanity will aggressively coming towards me I feel:
Come at me moonbro

User Info: SirEsquireIII

4 years ago#4
Whenever I see this spell I imediately assume you're from Austrailia and go for rollbs. Sorry.

User Info: Art Of Drowning

Art Of Drowning
4 years ago#5
RPGNinja123 posted...
All of the choices taste like Dung Pie.

inb4 Grammar Nazi (Isn't it Pursuers)?

Inb4 general nazi. Isn't it a spelling error not a grammar error?
"A storm is brewing here right by my side
I've tried all sorts of disguises"

User Info: Casyle

4 years ago#6
I don't fear pursuers anymore but Dark Bead? That's another story. Can't count how many times I got hit with Dark Bead from close range while rolling.
I will always love you Patricia Kathleen Ramsey, I miss you beyond belief and words and I'll never forget you...

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