Choose one person or thing from the Dark Souls universe you would want IRL

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User Info: PracticalGamer

4 years ago#41
the_curator posted...
RPGNinja123 posted...
Green Blossoms all day

Well you can technically get some green blossom in real life except that it greatly reduces your stamina rather than increase it.


@topic I'd have to have the ring of fog. Oh the look on people's faces when they see a translucent person walking around wal mart. Just walkin, like theres nothing special happening.

User Info: Geomagnus

4 years ago#42
A ring of sacrifice (assuming it'd allow me to survive a single death, and come back exactly as I was before I died) would be nice. Otherwise, give me an unlimited supply of Estus Flasks. Nothing like pure energy to keep you going throughout the day.

User Info: Limp_sugar

4 years ago#43
IRON-SWAN posted...
Gwynevere , nuff said
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User Info: WH1TE_N1GHT13

4 years ago#44
Giant Ornstein
Cuz no one wants to mess with you when he's your best friend XD
What do you do for a living I'm an engineer hbu? Slay dragons...nuff said.

User Info: deadpool223

4 years ago#45

i fall down and break a finger? just bisect a vagrant and thats healed right up. get hit by a car? decapitate the driver and my bones mend. get shot by the cops because i keep killing people with a big sword? kill them to heal my bullet wounds.

eventually become nightmare from soul calibur. live on a mountain, slaying those who seek me out.
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User Info: Art Of Drowning

Art Of Drowning
4 years ago#46
Reah of Thoruland.
She will keep quiet and not be annoying. She'll teach me miracles.

Seimeyer - Just because it'd be ****ing awesome to have this Onion Knight dude following you around as best pals. Imagine him lining up at the bank, waiting, snoring. Get to the counter and; "I'd just like to make a deposit. Oh? Him, never mind. He is just my friend, keeping me company. He's a little unique." :D
"A storm is brewing here right by my side
I've tried all sorts of disguises"

User Info: king___mickey

4 years ago#47
"We're bouncing now?"
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User Info: JPawesome

4 years ago#48
...I'm just going to say Solaire, if only because nobody else has mentioned him yet.
Yes, I know you're trying to do things the stealthy way, but sometimes the enemies get so plentiful you just want to blow 'em up.

User Info: typhone004

4 years ago#49
I would want the bellowing dragoncrest ring. I do consider myself an excellent sorcerer as it is, but with that ring I would be unstoppable.
GT: SidewaysHorizon

User Info: Bowdownbe4me1

4 years ago#50
Dark sign (and no, not the item). Every time you die you come back to life (it would become a living hell, I know, but it's far more lasting than a benefit for a single lifetime). Either that, or the cat covenant ring. Imagine being zapped into an alternate reality where you fight fearsome enemies and have no consequence for dying. You'd get pretty good at combat and have a GREAT outlet for stress.
GT: Bowdownbe4me
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