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User Info: anand_ak89

4 years ago#171
IRON-SWAN posted...
Necro_Fear89 posted...
So who fought me tonight?

I was the one using the Black Knight Halberd, I fought Beggargirl and she proceeded to wipe the floor with me lol. I won quite a few though, my internet crapped out when I was about to fight someone with a prong :(

I'm calling it a night though, was fun.

I think I did battle with ya , noblescarlet89?

Thanks for black crystalling out. I was going to enter group chat but I recognised your GT. thanks for the slab too. I had like 50 mil souls and 98 humanity on the line lol. I was MeNumbers by the way, last time i fought you at a fight club i had a different GT.
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