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User Info: Bunyun08

4 years ago#1
What do you want to see in Dark souls 2?
Here's a couple on my wish list
-PVP match options, such as no Estus or BSs and even outlaw specific spells/weapons
-final kill cutscenes would be cool on boss fights God of War style without commands though
-NG+ be more hardcore such as random enemy placement

These are just a couple to get started what are your thoughts?

User Info: PathlessBullet

4 years ago#2
- Bigger better world
- Bigger better enemy variety
- Bigger better loot
- Bigger better graphics
- Bigger better sound
- Bigger better NG+ (i.e. bosses change up attack patterns, new areas unlock, etc.)
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User Info: gOwCoD4

4 years ago#3
-Partridge in a pear tree.
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User Info: CentipedeDemon

4 years ago#4
The ONLY thing I want in dark Souls 2 is I want my Dragon Smasher moveset back from demon souls. Why from removed it is beyond me, but that is ALL I want back. The ultra greatswords movesets are horrible in dark Souls compared to that thing.
GT: Centipede Demon
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User Info: heatseekers

4 years ago#5
- beards
- fit the boss armor better. (gywn and goughs make it look like you have t-rex arms)
- different types of magic or at least variations of the same schools of magic
- better whip move set
- hook blades, when you have one in the left and right they will connect when you 2-hand them
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User Info: Necro_Fear89

4 years ago#6
My list.

-Bigger bosses.
-Ability to be able to climb some enemies.
-Dedicated Servers
-Events made by FromSoftware(Tournaments, Gauntlets, Extra hard mode day where enemies do insane damage, etc..etc..)

-An actual PvP arena, or colosseum with different rules of combat, can't use your own equipment and such, but allow other modes where you can.
-No more homing arrows or bolts, seriously that's cheap.
-Way bigger world, and more varied location.

-More enemy variety.
-Kalameet was a fun dragon battle, the game needs more dragon battles though.
-Cool looking armor sets, different designs and traditional, all boss armos can be worn.
-Shields on your back block backstabs.
-Covenats tweaked, made bigger and give better rewards.
-Bring back the Meatcleaver with the Demon's Souls moveset it used to have.

-Patches should return along with the Crestfallen Warrior.
-Every NG+ the enemy positioning changes to a max how many NG+ there are so it keeps things fresh and tense.
-20 Estus Flasks is too much, give us 10 max but with the ability to still upgrade them.
-Whips have actual decent movesets, along with fist weapons.

-Craftable weapons or armor from materials dropped from bosses or enemies, sort of like MH.
-Beards, better character models, better hairstyles and the works.
-Breaking body parts on bosses or enemies renders some of their attacks useless.
-Damaged armor looks damaged, taking high amounts of damage breaks off pieces of armor, can be repaired back of course.

That's a lot of wishes lol. Hopefully some of them happen :D
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User Info: Cura_of_Latria

4 years ago#7
Lets seeeee; where to begin? BS hitbox reduced for ALL weapons, better armor, a revamped poise system, way more diversity in weapons, combo animations unique to each and every weapon, HARDER pve(want to get my a** whooped), revamped invasion system as in whatever number of whites I summon, I want to be able to get invaded by the same amount of black phantoms, aaaaaand last but not least miyazaki COMPLETELY taking over the game, directing it as he sees fit (which is how I see fit). My perfect game <3
GT: Cura of Latria

User Info: mexicandread

4 years ago#8
GT: mexicandread

User Info: AngryOldFeral

4 years ago#9
- More fluid dual-wielding weapons movesets.
- Better server-physics for PvP and co-op.
- More covenants with active roles in the gameplay dynamics and their own sidequests.
- Beards.
Smoking Ghost / Feral Manx
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User Info: Walkman_005

4 years ago#10
I think they should add waypoints and an easy mo- *backstabbed*
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