Are there any cheats for this game?

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User Info: EDlFlCATlON

4 years ago#1
I'm finding it really difficult. I know there aren't any in the cheats section but I'm hoping someone knows some that haven't been uploaded.
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User Info: Darkest_Souls

4 years ago#2
The moderators really suck at eliminating trolls.
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User Info: finalpope420

4 years ago#3
Darkest_Souls posted...
The moderators really suck at eliminating trolls.

This^ times 100
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User Info: Dante729

4 years ago#4

This is the only cheat I know of.
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User Info: J28Shammgod

4 years ago#5
Try this one. God mode:
Wt ring u got bithc?

User Info: Max58201

4 years ago#6
^ ^ v v < > < > a b
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User Info: Cryptochid5000

4 years ago#7
It is a very difficult game but it's the difficulty that makes the reward all the more satisfying.

Dark Souls would not be worth playing with cheat codes.Trust me if I can become decent at PVP (Not a master but decent) than anyone can succeed.

I used to be terrified of being I hope for it and I used to dread the 4 Kings fight but now it's just an afterthought.

Practice practice practice and summon when you get stuck on a boss or a tough area.
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User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#8
The game does not have cheats in the traditional "I type a code into a console input which causes an effect" sense. Rather, there are things you can do to significantly decrease the difficulty of the game beyond what would be expected for the level you are at. Generally this involves either sequence breaking or doing something somewhat tedious to make it easier in the long run.

For example, and I guess you can consider this to be a spoiler warning of sorts because I'm going to tell you how to get past the difficulty curve of the beginning of the game, lets say you create a Cleric as a new starting class. For your gift, you choose the Master Key. You go through the tutorial and spend your first 3 levels to put 1 point in Endurance and 2 points in Dexterity to bring both of them up to 10. From the Fire Link Shrine head down to New Londo Ruins, unlock the shortcut to the Valley of the Drake with your master key, grab the Dragon Crest Shield and the Holy Artorias sword from the Undead Dragon (you can grab them and run before he can attack you). From here, head back to the ruins and into the ghost part and grab the firekeeper soul. If you can get out of there alive, awesome, but you'll probably die once you get the soul, which is fine since you already spent all your souls on your three levels.

Okay, so you have +1 to your Estus right off the bat. Give that to the fire keeper. You have a holy sword that does about three times as much damage as any starting weapon. You can one hit kill the guys that don't have fancy shields for the first section. You've also got a shield that has 100% blocking and a bunch of resistances. You'll still die horribly if someone invades you with a +15 pyromancy flame and a lightning spear, but you can kill mobs just fine. And you have 5 extra heals in case you're really taking a beating.

Another weapon you can get early on is the Drake Sword. Buy a bow, go under the bridge with the dragon on it, and shoot the tip of his tail 20~30 times. Bam, a shiny new weapon that will last you pretty much up to Sen's Fortress, where you get the Lightning Spear, which lasts you to Anor Londo where you get the Crystal Halberd, which lasts you until you get to the Giant Blacksmith and you can make your own whatever you want.

In addition to being able to artificially inflate the value of your weapon, most boss have a trick that makes them easier. That scary bull guy on the bridge? Climb that tower behind you, jump off it, and attack. Bam, you just stabbed him with a holy sword for ~25% of his health. You can just keep doing that if you can draw him away from the tower so you can climb the ladder without getting smacked.

Bell gargoyle - Summon Solaire and Lautrec (once you rescue him), they can pretty much handle it on their own.
Capra demon - Dash attack with a 2 handed weapon to kill a dog, then roll, then go up the stairs, then abuse the drop attack until he's dead.
Gaping Dragon - Summon Solaire and Lautrec (if you haven't killed him). They can mostly handle it on their own, but you should help a little.
Giant Butterfly - Summon Witch Beatrice, she can solo it.
Quelaag - Summon Man Eater Milfred and take turns pounding Quelaag while she's focused on the other person.
Iron Golem - Summon Tarkus, he can solo it.
O&S - Solaire removes most of the challenge from this fight.
Ceaseless Discharge - If you're at the altar, he rips his arm out of his chest to smack you. If you run all the way back to the fog gate, he jumps over a pit to smack you with that arm. Break his fingers as he hangs on the cliff and he falls to his death.
Centipede - SOLAAAIRE
Bed of Chaos - This fight always sucks all the time :<
Pinwheel - Leeroy can solo it. So can you.
Nito - Heavy armor, power within, 2h weapon.
4 kings - ^
Seath - ^with cursebite ring

There are a ton of ways to 'cheat' the game that were included inorder to lower the difficulty. Try those out, should make life easier for you.


4 years ago#9
Max58201 posted...
^ ^ v v < > < > a b


User Info: beggargirl

4 years ago#10
Max58201 posted...
^ ^ v v < > < > a b


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