what's your favorite thing about dark souls?

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User Info: DukeGanado

4 years ago#11
winning 2v1 and then both doing the "Well what is it" gesture repeatedly, because you know that a lot of people get really pissed off about that. When I'm in a 1 on 2 and lose, and they do that gesture repeatedly, I always find that hilarious and in good spirit. It's all fun, people!
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User Info: giantsirslayer

4 years ago#12
Love gank busting in the Forrest its were I spend 90% of my time...love being a catbro matter of fact its probably where I've spent the last 6 months at...
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4 years ago#13
WOT BS posted...
CentipedeDemon posted...
AngryOldFeral posted...
To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

My favorite thing is the weapons. Do many rp choose from, and all viable for PvP.

the math behind them is crazy impressive. its like every single weapon is viable

I actually think there aren't enough weapons. Or armor.

I like the pvp now. Also i got gravelorded last night out of now where this red balder almost killed me. Sent me into instinct mode lol. Fight or flight. Got a good rush from that.

User Info: Covreaper

4 years ago#14
GreatSoulAbyss posted...
Shooting things in the face with my Greatbow :') So fun.

^ this guy. I love the greatbows...specially when someone does a jump attack at me :)
Gamertag: Covreaper

User Info: DualShooter23

4 years ago#15
I loved not having everything spoon fed to me. I loved that conquering this game meant learning through experience. I loved finding out about the world, enemies, and the story through the NPCS and in game info. Learning through experience was favorite thing about this game. No one has done it better!

User Info: darkfire9430

4 years ago#16
AngryOldFeral posted...
To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

Also, going all Sunbeast is very gratifying for me. I've always either done ridiculous solo PvE runs like pushing to see how many NG+++ cycles I can get to, low-SL solo runs with different themes (katana-only run, Simon Belmont run, boxing-only run, etc.) ... but there's something I enjoy about helping people out in a game that not only emphasizes but encourages the worst in people. I like parking my SL25 in the Parish and helping people to take down their Gargoyles... and smashing the teeth down a low-SL Dickmoon griefer that spawns when we're trying to get there is an added bonus. Or helping someone carve a bloody path through Blighttown. That kinda stuff is becoming more fun than PvP for me lately.

Yeah, Sunbro 4 life.

I had a level 13 character that got maybe 40 medals clearing out the black knight, Havel, and the Taurus demon for other players. Most of the time you get summoned by vets, but every now and then it's a newb in starter gear that barely knows what s/he is doing. Helping them clear the area is gratifying. And stomping any low-SL ganker invaders on the way is hilarious.

User Info: TILlegion777

4 years ago#17
Pretty much everything. I love the entire game. Is it perfect? No. But I'm hard pressed to find any one area I have a problem with specifically, and it's by far my favorite game in a long time, only perhaps surpassed by Nostalgia games. Maybe not even that.
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