thinking of going int instead of faith

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User Info: Max58201

4 years ago#1
so ill be getting internet soon and my main pvp guy was a faith dex darkmoon

mainly went faith for darkmoon blade but with one cast It wasn't really viable for pvp and annoying to replenish

besides that i really only used wotg to surprise people or force spam to knock people off ledges Heehee.

just thinking this time ill have the crystal buff for my iaito with multiple casts

just seems to have more fun versatile spells

i don't care about offensive spells maybe a soul spear for when someone just runs away when they are losing but i don't use offensive magic

i prefer the other spells that throw people for a loop like pyro's various cloud spells

so for a non offensive stand point how would you rate int?
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User Info: RPGNinja123

4 years ago#2
Depends how much you are putting into INT and remember you really aren't getting multiple casts if you use the TCC as that takes it down to 1 cast for one CMW slot. But if you are getting multiples then that is a different story.
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User Info: CStick

4 years ago#3
DMB isn't hard to replenish unless you host

other than that just invade near a bonfire

Depths and Duke's are great for this. Burg dueling is easy also.
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