Bleh...being a nice and honorable guy just cost me lots of souls a 99 humanity

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  3. Bleh...being a nice and honorable guy just cost me lots of souls a 99 humanity

User Info: pro9b17

4 years ago#1
Playing through the level on my way to the boss with a phantom, and I get invaded by some dickwraith. I hang back while he kills off my phantom in three swings, then promptly get killed by him. On my way back to my bloodstain I fell off a cliff ARRRRRGH I am a big ball of rage right now.

I have never ganked anyone before and I really hate gankers...but I think that if you are in a non-pvp designated area and you get invaded by a guy is clearly not looking to duel, if you have a phantom with you it's not ganking if you both attack the invader. They have nothing to lose when they invade and if you die you lost 1 humanity plus the potential to lose everything you were carrying.

What are your thoughts on this?

User Info: HoustonBoy98

4 years ago#2
Who cares. Just kill your opponent
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User Info: J28Shammgod

4 years ago#3
HoustonBoy98 posted...
Who cares. Just kill your opponent

Can't all be pros....
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User Info: themefinland

4 years ago#4
If you're co-oping then the invaders must die, by any. means. necessary. Slap em silly with anything you've got and be a estusholic, they're like minibosses in your world and should be treated as such. if you don't want to fight the invader then just run to the fog gate.
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User Info: The_Pwnisher

4 years ago#5
The only PVP-designed area is that arena no one uses in the DLC. I think anywhere is fair game, but if I'm going to be inconvenienced I'm going to try to win by any means necessary.

User Info: Insanity_184

4 years ago#6
I get that you got jumped, I don't get how its that guys fault you fell off a cliff, thats your fault for not keeping away from the cliff.

Also why did you have 99 Hum? I find more than ten useless.
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User Info: PlagueRevenant

4 years ago#7
I've gotten pretty short with invaders, myself -- especially when they invade in annoying areas. I was trying to RSS transfer some items down in the Tomb of Giants last night when some dude promptly decides to invade. Not in the mood, and in a rush. Took out the Manus Catalyst/Dark Bead and catch him in the chest right as he turns the corner and starts charging me. He runs off, heals, tries again -- same outcome two more times before he decides to go hide in the divine ember room with all the skeletons. Rewarded his lameness by giving him the option of leaving, dying from arrows, or climbing up the ladder and getting shot right in the face.

I also hate being invaded by people at the bottom of the firelink elevator and will do pretty much whatever need-be-done to kill them, if they're impeding my slab farming. My mindset is, if you're inconveniencing someone--especially co-opers--you should expect anything.
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User Info: Baalbusterxbox

4 years ago#8
Ganking to me is people that summon someone for the souls intention of farming invasions, if your co-oping through a level with te intent of killing the boss and have help, there is no reason you shouldn't both fight him... People invading in certain places like tog and new Londo are often there to grief anyways... As for why someone has 99 humanity... It kind of just happens after a while, I have 10 characters I think they all have 99 humanity now.... Given every dark wraith you kill as well as if you kill enough enemies in an area with a boss you get rewarded with humanity.... It's hard not to get a whole lot....

As for losing all the humanity, I recommend joining the forest and farming rats with the covenant ring on... It breaks the tedium of farming.
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User Info: Sylus2015

4 years ago#9
Only honor duel if RSS summoned. Rank-and-file Invaders inherently lack couth and will therefore be dealt with however I see fit. They may bow, but then they'll follow up by WoG'ing you off a cliff while you're bowing - it's not worth it.
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User Info: LoneReaper115

4 years ago#10
A guy invaded during a muling last night, once I realized he was there, he quickly met my flamethrower. You are not taking out my host and ruining my exchange.
GT: LoneReaper115
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  3. Bleh...being a nice and honorable guy just cost me lots of souls a 99 humanity

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