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User Info: Smallcam

4 years ago#1
I'm SL 190,215,55 if any one would like to PVP some where add me have a mic ! GT:Smallcam

User Info: giantsirslayer

4 years ago#2
You are to high for most ....most ppl stop at sl125 ..and for some reason most ppl dnt mic up anymore for some reason
Official greatsword user of gamefaqs board
Xbox gt giantsir slayer

User Info: RPGNinja123

4 years ago#3
I am going to pvp right now on my 125 (which I suggest you do as well if you want any kind of action)
Currently Playing: Dark Souls (just PvPing and Coop), XCOM Enemy Unknown
Games on Deck : Dragon Age 1, Deus Ex, , FO:NV


4 years ago#4
I never mic. In gears of war I usually have it on but only for what's relevant info to coordinate with others. I met enogugh people on mics that I ended up wishing I never started talking to them, that I just don't do it.
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