What are your opinions on spears

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User Info: Baalbusterxbox

4 years ago#41
Slpears Are one of the best weapons in the game, specifically the dss sks and the pike, they're the easiest weapons to be good with hence the "cheap" stuff... Personally I've found no better counter to a two handed spear user than to turtle with a rapier or spear.... Making the fight a boring fight... Use it if its your absolute fave, but it is one of the lesser respected weapons.... because of the whole easy thing... It's on par with wog twop and gc bc IMO
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User Info: SwimmingToaster

4 years ago#42
Spears are really good, safe weapons in PvP, but kinda boring to use. In PvE they're okay, but kinda weak for NG+ runs where you should know boss movements.

Just watch out for really good pike users. If they play right, you'll never be able to touch 'em without getting skewered.
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User Info: Art Of Drowning

Art Of Drowning
4 years ago#43
AngryOldFeral posted...
not a lot of recent RPGs seem to have spears as a weapon option

This is so very true. Not just spears, but polearms in general. Some of the MMO games have strange things like lances, where they charge but they are kind of... eeew to me.

Not really an RPG, but Chivalry has a pretty good melee combat engine, one of the classes allows you to use spears. :D I think I prefer Mount & Blade, but this is still a lot of fun. PC though.
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User Info: kylekillgannon

4 years ago#44
I haven't found a spear user I can respect. Largely because they are particularly brainless and easy to manipulate into punishment.
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User Info: nmbuser

4 years ago#45
fortunately for everyone in this thread, most good spear users have the integrity to not use spears for PvP
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User Info: HoustonBoy98

4 years ago#46
most monotonous and boring dueling ever
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User Info: Ryphis_Demeanor

4 years ago#47
agree with last poster....battles where someone is using a Dragonslayer spear is boring. I understand it's a recipe for winning but the weapon's range combined with fast rolling make for a pretty monotone battle. I'd much rather duke it out with some huge weapons or see two shotel users rip each other to shreds.

User Info: J28Shammgod

4 years ago#48
Most spear battles are just like pitching duels. Boring ass fights that involve whittling away at each others health. Some people though are phenomenal with them. They use every move in the arsenal. Not just poking from behind a great shield. The best spear users I know (there are 2 of them and they know who they are) will dance around switching from 1 handing to 2 handing and they will parry your ass barehanded of you make a mistake.

It just depends on how you look at it. I particularly hate fighting against them. I lose my concentration and make a lot of mistakes. But it's made me more versatile. But to each their own.
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User Info: giantsirslayer

4 years ago#49
Anybody can be good with a spear, lol. I have to admitt there fun to use but like I said if I used a spear I would rate my pvp a god
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User Info: moodyjm2

4 years ago#50
As Dex Pyro said, they are actually really easy to counter, just not in the same way as other weapons.

For whatever reason, Xbox players are obsessed with poise backstabs and simple circle-strafe backstabs. You can't do this against a good spear user. Also it's hard to parry them. Xbox players LOVEVEVEV their parry spam.

But back to the main point - people will keep winning with spears, people will keep complaining and sending hatemail about them, and the cycle will continue. It's one thing to say they are boring, but once you get into the "auto win" button you are simply saying "I do not know how to fight a spear users, therefore it is cheap/OP etc." That is not a good mentality.

Personally I find katana's to be the most boring weapon to fight ever but I make no complaints about them because they suffer from Ryu-syndrome - they are very strong but because so many people use them, you learn to adapt and raise the skill ceiling.
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