Coming back to Dark Souls

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User Info: Brighattalon

4 years ago#1
I haven't played Dark Souls since it came out. My xbox died and some things came up and I got rid of all my games.
Now, flash forward.... I have a new Xbox and restocking some of my games. I pick up Dark Souls again and intend to play it again.
I read the stickied post to get an idea how things have changed since my time away.
I have one question that I hope can be cleared up....
Would I have to worry about being invaded as a low level or as the post said, the invader is often invited for friendly duels.
Could someone clear that up for me, please? I don't want to be trolled constantly playing this game, so if it is something to worry about, I'll set my game to offline.
Xbox live gamertag: winteragent

User Info: Russian Rocket

Russian Rocket
4 years ago#2
Just stay hollow and you'll be all set. You only need humanity to summon phantoms really. You should be fine early on.

User Info: Kirbopher13

4 years ago#3
Actually, while co-oping in the Burg, I've found myself being summoned while people were already invaded and the invader more often than not was completely decked out in upgraded equipment and occasionally pyromancies/sorceries.

So I'd recommend staying hollow at least until you get past the Burg. I'm not sure how the Depths are, only co-oped there once but I was fine(Went through the whole area, too.)
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