You know you've played to much Dark Souls when...

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User Info: beggargirl

4 years ago#21
This reminds me of something from an older thread:
Posted by DocDelicious

You know you've been playing Dark Souls too much when you notice your napkin looks like a talisman.

"This one time I was eating dinner at Macaroni Grill with my fiancé when I had somewhat of an epiphany; I crumpled up my napkin, held it in my hand and ran around screaming "Sunlight Spear!!" at the other patrons. After defeating a few of the closest Dark Spirits I grabbed one of their giant steak/butter knife things, ran my napkin across it while saying "Darkmoon Blade!" and proceeded to attack one of the waiters whilst making lightsaber noises.
Seconds later the manager came out of the kitchen and was clearly intent on asking me to leave, so I waited until he got close, folded my hands in prayer and yelled "Wrath of the Gods!" as I pushed him into a nearby table.
For the following 20 minutes or so, I continued my rampage; doing backflips through the restaurant, stabbing people in the back with my lightsaber, throwing Lightning Spears, Force pushing any who got too close, so on and so forth.
Then when the glorious battle began to wind down, much to my dismay, the police arrived and kindly "escorted" me outside and informed me that I was going to be placed under arrest. That's when I realized I was still clutching my napkin!
So, I got down on one knee, whispered "Homeward" and found myself back in my living room sitting in front of my fireplace.

The end."
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