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User Info: moodyjm2

4 years ago#11
Dex_Pyromaniac posted...
I dunno how good magic users are on xbox but whenever I rolled through pursuers I occasionally rolled straight into a backstab or a buffed running attack, neither of which are really nice to your hp bar, so I suggest you dont roll through it unless you have DWGR and can follow up with a second roll straight away

Dex...I like you :D

Magic users have definitely increased in frequency. Most forgo all but Dark Magic.

The homing spells (HCSM / Pursuers) are used more for baits as you said or spacing. That's why I always rock HCSM because of 10 uses for 1 slot and it's better for PvE. I'm not actually trying to hit you, but you don't know that. It does work very well against unlocked players however.

The biggest advantage to Dark Bead is that seemingly huge arc where you try to roll / pivot bs during cast and miraculously get hit and OHK'd. I typically just try to dodge from side to side.

The real skill comes into play with unlocked spells. I've gotten a # of players with a unlocked-CSS facial. I've moved away from the damage stacking of spells and more towards a balance of damage and defense since so many people use magic now.

I still strongly believe that CSS is still the shining star of the Sorcerer. In my opinion Dark Bead is a "get-away from me!" spell and Sorcerer's strength is medium to far range. Trading attacks with a well-designed Sorcerer firing off-hand volleys of CSS's, HCSM', and Dark Bead's will probably not end well for you.
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