Gravelord Sword

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User Info: J28Shammgod

4 years ago#1
I kind of like it. I always stayed away from it for whatever reason but I use it with my Gravelord. I've noticed the moveset is a little odd but the unlocked, jumping R2 dead angles nicely and the running 2 handed R1 hits hard unlocked as well.

What are your opinions of this weapon?
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User Info: Necro_Fear89

4 years ago#2
I really like it, if you fast roll and RB its pretty good, but just like the Murakumo it is extremely predictable and super easy to parry.
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User Info: yraelo

4 years ago#3
Some people I've fought are really good with it, I am not. Also when fighting most people that use it, my 2h estoc will just poke to death and sometimes I won't get a scratch. I find that this strategy does not work as well against a mura cause of its length.
Basically I don't think it's that great, I think it's decent...
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User Info: giantsirslayer

4 years ago#4
To easy to parry for me ...
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User Info: IRON-SWAN

4 years ago#5
I like it , the e/e scaling makes it not worth investing in strength or dex more than its base requirements, freeing up a ton of points . My gravelord uses it and fast rolls in catarina helm/artorias armour/javels gauntlets and leggings because I had a ton of points to drop in end . The toxic build up is good also , never hurts to carry some poo to help it build up either . That gets prople panicked and they'll either screw up by being too agressive. Or try to cure it giving you free damage
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