Anor Londo: expert advice needed for boss fight

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User Info: anti_lov

3 years ago#1
First off, hello. I'm new to these forums and also a late comer to Dark Souls. Safe to say after 108 hours in so far on my first play through, this game has become an obsession to me. :)

Currently I'm resting at the bonfire in Anor Londo, the one found in the hallway just before you approach the Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough fight. These two have given me quite a bit a trouble flying solo, however with the help of Solaire of Astora I've got a pretty tight grasp on the fight now (my last attempt I died very close...within one hit of dropping Ornstein).

Here's where I need the advice. I don't have any humanity left at present and I need one in order to summon Solaire. I don't have xbox live, so summoning a real human hasn't been an option for me). Now, you can tell me to stop being a pansy and take the two bastards on alone, however if anyone has any advice in coming up on some humanity in the area that would be great. Farming back in the depths crossed my mind, but I am not about to back track that far.

If I'm screwed out of summoning Solaire and have to tackle the two solo, i'd welcome any advice/tactics for the fight. I'm a lvl 50 Pyro relying on my trusty Lighting Spear+4 as well as Combustion and Fire Ball pyromancies.

User Info: IrvingWallace

3 years ago#2
That spear is hurting you because Ornstein resists lightning. If you don't care about the Leo ring I would take out Ornstein first, because powered up Smough is easier. If you have a good bow or crossbow you can cheese powered Ornstein by standing behind a pillar and he will keep throwing lightning bolts, and miss, while you can hit him with ranged attack. As for the humanity there is no real easy way to get any in Anor Londo.
GT: Irving Wallace
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User Info: game_wiz101

3 years ago#3
Well first and foremost you can farm the enemies of Anor Londo. Whenever a boss is alive in an area, killing more and more enemies will actually net you a humanity, and you can earn up to 10 in one area this way. It will appear next to your health bar, not in item form.

Second, you could take a break and try to go through the Painted World (if you've revisted the Asylum and gotten a particular item). I'm sure there's some humanity items hanging around there.

Lastly, and most desperately, you could leave Anor Londo via the way you came: the demon that drops you in will be there to take you back. You can return to the Depths and farm rats for humanity. Just make sure you have the gold serpent ring found in Sen's Fortress if you do.
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User Info: anti_lov

3 years ago#4
thanks for the advice. so a 2v1 fight it is. luckily i have the Crystal Halberd i recently picked up. looks to be my best option in melee.

User Info: anti_lov

3 years ago#5
@game_wiz101 that is awesome, i actually wasn't aware you could stack humanity that way by killing enemies in the area. i've spent quite a lot of time farming in other places, but now that i think of it, it is usually after i slay the boss. i'm in no rush, so i'll see if i can't nab a humanity this method.

User Info: Zamuss

3 years ago#6
anti_lov posted...
@game_wiz101 that is awesome, i actually wasn't aware you could stack humanity that way by killing enemies in the area. i've spent quite a lot of time farming in other places, but now that i think of it, it is usually after i slay the boss. i'm in no rush, so i'll see if i can't nab a humanity this method.

I haven't actually gotten any humanity on AL doing this, it is certain that sometimes enemies drop them but I'm starting to think there are more factors to it, since for example the undead that is on swamp area with 2 dogs just before the second butcher on the depths, always drops humanity for me the first time regardless if I killed all the enemies or not.

I would suggest you to go back to the depths if you really want humanity there is a handy shortcut on Sen fortess that takes you from the first small bridge to the top ot the tower just before the balder knigth with a crossbow or the painted world if you can access it would be a better option, also if possible get a weapon to +10 if you made it that far with a lighting weapon you will shorten the fight with a regular weapon.
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User Info: someclown911

3 years ago#7
If you do have to fight them solo, it's easier to take out Smough first because Ornstein has a habit of getting stuck behind him, and his attacks are easy to dodge. Take your time, because Orn's spear can reach you through Smough.

Then big Ornstein is garbage. Stay right under him and his attacks rarely can hit you. Roll forwar to dodge the lightning spear grapple thingy. His butt slam has no range compared to Smough also

User Info: anti_lov

3 years ago#8
thanks for the added feedback. yeah, as Zamuss said, i have yet to accumulate any humanity by simply racking up kills. i've had a better time taking out Smough first, although his buddy can be tricky to get a hit on without some reach. now that i have a better grasp on the attacks they both employ, i feel more confident in the fight. it was the surprises that keep one hitting me (being impelled with a giant spear really hurts man). that's the beauty of the game to me thus far though, taking a little ass beating until you learn enough to control whatever the situation is.

User Info: cowhityourface

3 years ago#9
Open up all the shortcuts and backtrack to the depths if you are deadset on summoning. As long as you open the big doors, and use the sens fortress elevator it should be really quick. For solo, use great fireball/chaos fireballs, and combustion/great combustion. How upgraded is your pyro glove? Don't use the lightning spear, use either the crystal halberd (you should have enough chunks to +3 it) or farm for materials to make a quelaag furysword. If you kill the various titanite demons you should be able to +5 the qfs, which will destroy ng o&s.
GT: cowhityourface

User Info: Dbz4lyfe

3 years ago#10
It's not 2 V 1, it's 2 V 7 as each pillar in that room is your ally. If your not concerned with getting a certain soul and just want to win focus on the silver dude with a spear, his name is Ornstein. ALWAYS strafe around the room, hugging the pillars. Ornstein can move quickly around the pillars, but Smough, the big fat yellowish dude with the hammer, is sluggish and can get caught on the pillars as long as you strafe around to catch him on one. At this point it becomes 1 V 1. Get a few shots in on Ornstein while being safe, and continue to strafe keeping your eye on where Smough is AT ALL TIMES.

Once Ornstein drops you'll fight Smough who gains electricity. To my knowledge the only different attack he obtains is a jumping butt slam which deals massive damage, but this doesn't concern you at all. Just keep him behind a pillar at all times. His attacks catch on them keeping you safe throughout the fight, and you can run out and get a few shots in before hiding behind the pillar again.

****Basicly get Smough stuck, focus on Ornstein, and then keep getting Smough stuck for the second part of the fight****

Once you get this fight down it's a breeze, to bad you can't summon help, I'd be happy to solo this fight for you.
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