What's a good starting class?

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User Info: bLiNdSnIpErZ20

3 years ago#1
I lost my save and have to start again. I'm also going to use a guide this time around, because on my old save I completely skipped the first bell and made it all the way to blight town before I noticed something was wrong.
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User Info: Tinman357M

3 years ago#2
depends on what you want to build for a character, but remember that any class can become anything. You arent restricted to what you began as
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User Info: Gobey6

3 years ago#3
Many say pyromancer is the class to pick first off for an easier time
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User Info: alspacka

3 years ago#4
Wanna weild a 2 tonne hammer as a sorcerer? naw pwoblem.
Wanna fire soul arrow, soul arrow, soul arrow, soul arrow... as a bandit? Fire away.

User Info: macavele

3 years ago#5
Since you have some experiance in the game, look at how you want to play and pick a starting class that falls in line with that. If you are wanting a DEX based char there's little reason to start with a Bandit. If you want a tank based STR char you likely won't want to start as a sorcerer.

Basically, try figure figure out what you want in your char and pick which one falls in line the best with what you will be wanting.
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User Info: jaysay3

3 years ago#6
I started off as a knight, and it worked pretty good for me. He took hits like a champ, he could block the best of them, and hit like a truck. Though he is naturally slow unless you want to throw some points into dex. But they can take a pretty good thrashing when leveled right.
However, I switched to a pyromancer and found it to be quite a bit easier than a knight. I used a dex build and it took some getting use to since he didn't take hits like the knight did, but I found it to be a little more fun.

Basically this is how I see it...

Knight: Sturdy and strong melee fighter. If you like getting up close and personal while being able to take some good hits, this would be a good choice. Just as long as you don't mind him being just slightly sluggish.
Pyromancer: I've only played with a dex build, but they start with a fireball spell which makes them a little more versatile than the knight at the beginning. Level smart and he can slip and slide around enemies and do some fast damage.

This is all just my opinion from what I've tried. and you can really just play around to see what suits you more. Just have fun with customizing your build to something you like and can work with.

User Info: Earthshaker

3 years ago#7
Your starting class really only affects your starting weapon, wardrobe, and shield in the short term. Cleric/Sorc/Pyromancer also receive their talisman/catalyst/glove earlier than they would otherwise.

Pyro is such a good choice because its starting level lets you minmax your stats, on top of it having, IIRC, the most poison resistant armor until you're lag-deep in Blighttown.
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User Info: Tbon110

3 years ago#8
Fireball is also insanely overpowered at the beginning of the game, take pyromancer if you want to make the first quarter of the game easy mode.
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User Info: BattleAxeRX

3 years ago#9
Play the beginning with several different classes and pick your favorite. There's your starting class.
IMO The knight is the simplest class due to the poise of its starting armor.
The pyro is also an easy choice. I liked the wanderer the most.
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