The hardest part of this game is walking.

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  3. The hardest part of this game is walking.

User Info: XGamer549

3 years ago#1
Not even joking.

Just a vent topic here. I'm trying to defeat Manus, and in my current session I only managed four attempts before I had to rage quit. After several poor failures yesterday, today I loaded the game and took another shot and did relatively decent; it was clear that I was learning several of his attack patterns and I managed to get him to a little under half health. The following three attempts were rather pathetic, and at that point what made me rage was not how bad I was doing at the boss fight, because I understand that bosses need practice and I'm willing to keep trying, but I was just so annoyed at the two to three minute trek I had to endure every single time I died.

In before things like "death is a punishment", "suck less", etc. - I don't want the game to be flooded with checkpoints, but it would honestly help frustration if bonfires were closer to bosses. Exploring and boss fighting are two completely different aspects of this game, and for exploring it makes sense to have to backtrack for a while to endure some stuff before you can safely recover your souls, but for bosses, it seems pointless to have to run past stuff for a few minutes just for another shot. It demotivates me to try again, whereas I would put forth many more attempts in one sitting if I could just jump right back into the fray without being punished by what might as well be an active "loading screen".

New Londo Ruins is the biggest offender here. Luckily the Four Kings are a joke.


User Info: orangenee

3 years ago#2
I agree, it is rather a bore.

Especially the charge back to BoC.

The return trip is especially annoying if you get tagged on the way.
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User Info: dueric

3 years ago#3
Yeah. I don't like the boss gauntlets either. Being punished for failure and being bored by it are two different things.

Fortunately, there are a lot "shortcuts" and rushes that are possible for almost every boss.

Without those, I may not have ever finished the game once. LOL
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User Info: thatguy437

3 years ago#4
Sometimes you just gotta leave the game alone for a while, ya know? Take a break/play somethin else for a while. Then next time you play it'll click

User Info: Jetblackmoon

3 years ago#5
Yeah. I've completed the game, but 100% my least favorite thing was dying to a boss/at a certain part and having to make a long ass trek back to wherever you were. Spots that come to mind are:

- I remember some part in Sen's Fortress where I could get through the entire thing without being touched, but I kept getting knocked off a narrow beam at one part and it was instant death if you fell.
- Anor Londo and the two archers. I'm sure most people can relate.
- The run to the final boss. Seriously. It takes like a minimum of two minutes, even if you just avoid all the enemies.

orangenee posted...
Especially the charge back to BoC.

Oh God, I almost forgot that one. Yeah, that was bad too.
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User Info: Ghostfeet

3 years ago#6
I feel you mate. I can recall far too many occasions where I'd die in a rather awkward spot and have to trek back through enemies/obstacles just for a second chance at whatever killed me.
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  3. The hardest part of this game is walking.

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