The last Sasquatch.

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User Info: jarhead1990

7 years ago#1

I can't find it, I've killed 5 in tall trees for the mission but the last one is no where to be found. And the quest marker is OUTSIDE the map? what the **** help.

User Info: DLRK-37

7 years ago#2
And you never thought of actually going to the marker?

User Info: coop36

7 years ago#3
just keep searching north tal trees man.

*** SPOLIERS*** Even after I killed the 'last' sasquatch and was on a totally unrelated mission chasing a dead cougar in tall trees I saw another sasquatch running around. So just keep looking if you dont have a marker?

User Info: alphaaltair

7 years ago#4
I left the last one alive and was stoked to see him later running around Tall Trees....until a group of zombies attacked and killed him before my eyes. Made me sad.
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User Info: OgesMC

7 years ago#5
The last one isnt really the last one. If you kill all 6 there are still more creeping around.
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User Info: sonics_shadowx

7 years ago#6
There's a marker on your map for his exact location, but he's not along the paths. If you still can't seem to find him, he's basically as far north as you can go.
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User Info: rbarry111

7 years ago#7
you dont want to find him :'(

User Info: YorickBry

7 years ago#8
Your topic title sounds like the name of a dramatic movie about the life and death of bigfoot
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User Info: DrProb

7 years ago#9
I'd watch it.

User Info: Tobias_Is_Queen

7 years ago#10
Think "Last of the Mohicans" but w/ Sasquatch (AKA Samsquanch).
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