Death Horse

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User Info: solidsnakegx35

7 years ago#1

Where exactly do you find him? Some say its only until after you beat the game?

User Info: sphynxbut

7 years ago#2

You can get it before the end. I did, but I think he is in random locations. For me, I found him in tall trees. But I have read others have found him elsewhere.

User Info: KnightOfHatred

7 years ago#3
To add to this topic, I found Death just West of Torquemada. After I beat the game, I loaded a save just before I had acquired the horse, and looking in the same location it did not appear.

User Info: ninjagoatmastah

7 years ago#4
According to the Red Dead Wiki, he can appear in any of the locations that the other horses appeared, and you can get him before beating the game.
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User Info: Murilo2k

7 years ago#5
I found him in diez coronas with less than half the game finished. There was no warning or anything he was just wandering around.

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