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Undead Cougar Locations?

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User Info: xXCombatWombat

7 years ago#1

I have been looking all over and can't find them anywhere. I need them for the challenge for killing them with a torch. Anyone know where they are?

User Info: Farlan_D

7 years ago#2
I found mine in Tall Trees, they seem to spawn a lot for me there. More specifically they seem to spawn in the snowy bit(near Tanners Reach I think). I hope this helps.

User Info: gtaeddie

7 years ago#3
best place to go is Gaptooth breach where the green zombies appear behind tumbleweed
Gamertag: DarkBeat62

User Info: LordsLoss

7 years ago#4
Rio Del Lobo is where I always get attacked by them. Also you can try Jorges Gap and Tall trees as previously mentioned.

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