-= SoK's Guide to the Four Horses of the Apocalypse =-

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User Info: sonofkorol

5 years ago#1
The Basics

These horses rock. Trust me. I've played through Undead Nightmare nine times now and have obtained them all each go. How did I formulate this guide and maps? Each time I found them I marked where I did on a map. I kept altering my route to cover each of these places. My latest playthrough had it almsot too easy to find them with my latest routes, so I'm sharing them.

There are four things here you have to remember: 1st, these damn things take a long itme to find. 2nd, they are hard to break. 3rd, when you are close to them a blue circle will appear on the map with the message: "A mythical creature has appeared in the area." When you spot them in the blue circle, the circle will disappear, so make sure you keep a tab on the horse! 4th, lasso the horse from your horse then hit the brakes (RB). When the horse you want bucks up, hop off, reel him in, and begin the long, tedious break. This is what the map will look like:

They are well worth the wait though, because they have infinite stamina, are almost impervious, grant certain bonuses, and just all-in-all rock. Hopefully this guide will help you find and break the Horses of the Apocalypse. I'm going to cover each horse in turn, starting with the first one I would recommend getting.

The first horse: War

This is War:

He's pretty. :D
He also lights zombies on fire if you have a bit of speed when you run into them. Now this fire doesn't burn as long as the torch by a long shot, nor do as much damage, but hey. Every little bit helps, amirite? He's the second slowest Horse of the Apocalypse, but is plenty durable. Except when it comes to falls. If you go off a little edge with this guy, he might not make it. He is great for the challenge to light zombies on fire.

War spawns anywhere in New Austin, and can be a pain to find, but I think he's the second easiest horse to obtain. This is a map I made of the route I take when looking for War. It's never failed me. If after one there-and-back-again, you still haven't found him, save at the town marked with an X and fast travel to the other town marked with an X:

The second horse: Pestilence

Now I know what your brain is screaming "but SoK! You can get Pestilence before War!" Yes. You can. The problem? Tall Trees is dangerous as hell. Zombougers, Zombears, Zombies, Boars, Wolves... You really want to get a neigh-unkillable horse before then. Trust me.That said, here is Pestilence:

He's got a stink cloud. He's less prone to death via falling (but pretty bad still) than War, but can usually take more of a beating. He's got faster accelleration than both War and Death. He's not too fast though. An important thing to note is that Zombears can still attack you when you're on him, being the only Horse of the Apocalypse that you can readily get mauled by bears on (sometimes the others let a hit in, but it's rare).

He can be found anywhere in West Elizabeth, but most commonly in Tall Trees. Here is a map of a foolproof route to find him. It's a fairly short one, so I'd go there and back two or three times before fast travelling. One thing to note is that I would say he is the second hardest to find next to Death. I always have horrible luck getting him, but this route seems to be the best in my experience:
>X< Leader of The Dream Team >X<
"A game moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and teabag once in a while, you could miss it."

User Info: sonofkorol

5 years ago#2
The third horse: Famine

I love Famine. Seriously. He's excellent. Here he is in all his fly-infested glory:

Not too pretty, and the fly buzzing noise gets damn annoying, but there is an upside. What is it you ask? He's got the fastest acceleration of the Horses of the Apocalypse and is the fastest, bar none, off-road. While the Unicorn is faster on roads by quite a bit, if you are cutting corners or going off paths, Famine is the choice for you. He's bloody awesome.

You find Famine in Mexico. No, that isn't a joke. Well maybe Rockstar thinks it is. Regardless, that's where you find him. He's probably the easiest horse to find, which makes it quite fast to get this awesome horse. He can take a beating and can survive more fall damage than War and Pestilence, about equal to Death. Sometimes though, he'll jsut have a heart attack and die when running. This happens with Death too. No idea why. But it's a small risk to take when you have a horse as versatile as Famine. Here's the long ass route I take to find him, which if after one there-and-back-again, you should fast travel between the marked towns:

The fourth horse: Death

The one most of you have been waiting for, here is Death in all his two-tone glory:

I love the way he looks, with his sould basically being left behind as he changes from black to white. Not only that, but he's the second fastest, takes a beating, and oh yeah, he explodes anything undead's head when you hit them at speed. POP! Unfortunately, he has the same heart attack problem as Famine. xD Break him and you unlock his Blood Pack so you can call him any time. Pop a bunch of zombie heads with him and you get the Blood Packs for the other three. :D Easy Peasy! This is the horse you want to use for the Undead Hunter challenge to kill animals with the torch. Just stand still so you don't pop their heads. I've never been hit by a cougar/wolf/bear while on Death.

Now, Death can be found anywhere the other Horses of the Apocalypse spawn, but considering you just got Famine, look for him in Mexico. Why? Since you're on the Mexico horse already, you'll have a greater chance of Death spawning as the mythical creature since you're on the only other. He's the hardest to tame, but obviously worth it. Here's the map for finding him. It's almost the same as Famine's, but with an extra loop where he commonly spawns. One there-and-back-again and you should fast travel:

There you have it. All four Horses of the Apocalypse. I didn't stick the Unicorn in here because it's way too damn easy to get. Enjoy, request a sticky if you found this helpful, and feel free to ask any questions you have!
>X< Leader of The Dream Team >X<
"A game moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and teabag once in a while, you could miss it."
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