I can't find any bears!

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User Info: lonetigress

6 years ago#1
I've been looking around Tall Trees for a while, but I actually haven't ever seen a bear in this game yet. I really need a couple for undead hunter challenge rank 4.
---I'm not stupid, just ignorant....

User Info: lonetigress

6 years ago#2
Also, are there no shops in the game at all? Seems kinda pointless searching the dead bodies of animals for stuff I can't sell, although I know searching zombie bodies gives you ammo for your blunderbuss.
---I'm not stupid, just ignorant....
They're in tall trees. Just keep looking. If it helps I've found most of my bears in the day time but I'm not sure if that's a coincidence. And nope, there are no shops. I think you're right about the animal parts being usless because I'm about 80% finished with 2 main story missions to go and I haven't found any use for the animal parts yet.
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User Info: gage10

6 years ago#4
Undead Bears appears a lot in Tall Trees

try going to Manzanita Post then climb to the mountains especially in snowy area in clearing = open space few trees

then wait and wait and wait and wait

if there is wolves or cougar or both the better, each time you kill an animal(s) and dont leave the area just stay
The bear will show up because of the smell of the dead animals you killed

User Info: ThJok3r

6 years ago#5
Eventually you will be annoyed that there is too many of them! Careful what you ask for.
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