How do you initiate the Over Limit?

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User Info: robnobs

5 years ago#1
I'm over level 30 and the AI use it all the time but I can't seem to trigger it.

And how do I use a Mystic Arte? I guess I press a button following a normal arte.
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User Info: Thumbtack999

5 years ago#2
I havent played the 3ds version, but I assume the face buttons are the same as the ps2. To do mystic artes you need to do an arcane art, such as Luke's Light Spear Cannon and hold the standard attack. You can tell if the symbol on the arte page is a larger sword with a more filled in box. If artes are B (X on a ps2 controller) then you have to hold A (O on ps2). As for overlimit, maybe press the D pad or there may be a button on the touch screen? On ps2 it was R2, so i'm not sure where they'd place it.

But then again that is all speculation as I have yet to play it on 3DS. I may be completely wrong and have no idea what I'm talking about. Hope I helped!
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User Info: ItalianIdiot

5 years ago#3
Overlimit : press right in the d-pad when the bar is full. (AI using overlimit is not recommended since only one party member can use it at a time, preventing you from doing so.)

Mystic Arte: Perform an ARCANE arte (not just a arte), and press and hold A while the character is performing such arte.

2nd playthrought only: Press and hold A during some Mystic Arts (not all of them) to get an extension (second Mystic Arte), some conditions must be meet to do so.

User Info: VeghEsther

5 years ago#4
However Arcane artes > Hi Ougi's only work for Luke Guy Anise (her physical moves only) and Natalia.

Tear can only use her "tone songs" or Holy Lance to trigger her 1st playthrough hi ougi/mystic arte.

But Jade gets his first hi level spell to trigger his ONLY at level 36 (Ground Dasher.)

While FOF changes can still trigger them you still need to use the base hi level spell or Arcane arte to do so.

Yes its best for the AI's overlimit use to be turned off/don't use unless your fighting any boss.
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  3. How do you initiate the Over Limit?

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