Quick Tales of series question..

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User Info: Laharlsan

4 years ago#1
Ok..so I have a PS3, 3DS (basically DS :P), and GBA..Oh also Wii, but its not in a..good shape, let's leave like that xD
How many of the 8 (MAIN)games localized can I play with those 3 sistems?
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User Info: darkzero16

4 years ago#2
By main games you mean the "Mothership" titles? There are more than 8. 14 If I count right.

Of them (assuming you are willing to import)

8 (4 if you can't yes this counts Xillia)

Want the list?
Phantasia (GBA)
Innocence (DS) (Import)
Hearts( DS) (Import)
Abyss (3DS)
Vesperia (PS3) (Import)
Graces f (PS3)
Xillia (PS3)
Xillia 2 (PS3) (Import)

Don't recall if PS3 play PS1 games but it adds 3 (2) more if it does.
Phantasia (PS1) (Import)
Destiny (PS1)
Eternia (PS1)

Destiny and Eternia are super expensive...........just a heads up

User Info: CatMuto

4 years ago#3
3DS (basically DS :P)

3DS is not basically like the DS because the 3DS got a region-code imprinted on it. So if you wanted to play 3DS games of other regions than your own, you would have to buy a 3DS of that region to play the game.

And if you look at the above list, you'll see that the DS games are all import, so you're basically "stuck" with Abyss on the 3DS. Which is not a bad thing, Abyss is awesome.

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User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#4
Well the region lockout on the 3DS ONLY applies to 3DS only games import DS games like Hearts will NOT have the region lockout because even the normal DS system is region free.

SO its still possible to play hearts and innocence on a 3DS system just fine.

User Info: Laharlsan

4 years ago#5
Yeah, when I said that I meant that I could play any game that the DS plays.

Yeah I know I checked on amazon for Tales of Destiny and the prices were...shocking..

Oh! I also have a PS2...
I've played Tales of Phantasia (GBA emulator), Tales of the Abyss (PS2 & 3DS), Tales of Legendia, and 3 others but they're spin-off's.

Ok..so let's discard Eternia and Destiny cause I'm not willing to buy those expensive games.
And none of the DS games neither cause all of them are imports, and I mentioned 8 LOCALIZED Tales games.

It's sad that it isn't a big RPG series in North America, it's a really cool series.

Yeah and I'm planning to buy Xillia (when it comes out), I'm thinking about buying Tales of Graces F cause of it's CC system...
I'm watching a Let's play of it and I'm not really so fond of it.
"My friends are my power and I'm theirs!!"-Ventus.
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User Info: Synyard

4 years ago#6
You could always try Eternia on an emulator, or maybe you have a friend with a PSP and you could buy the PSP version?

Eternia is pretty fun.
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User Info: Laharlsan

4 years ago#7
Why? Is there an Eternia for GBA?
Cause PSP emulator really suck.

I had a PSP but it's broken..
"My friends are my power and I'm theirs!!"-Ventus.
Best quote of KH.Period.

User Info: Synyard

4 years ago#8
PS1 emulator, I mean. Sorry, didn't clarify. The game is called Tales of Destiny II in the US for copyright reasons.

Its different than Tales of Destiny 2, which is a Japanese only game for PS2.
"It's not working. The banana is not melting."

User Info: VeghEsther

4 years ago#9
Well even if you have a PS3 that DOES play PS1 games on only import PS3 games on the PS3 have no region lockout import PS1 and PS2 games won't work unless you can find a way to install the games on the PS3's hard drive and run the games from their.

As in games on the PS3s hard drive work without region lockout either.

Yes Eternia's way too costly to buy as Destiny II on the PS1.

User Info: Deoxys_Prime

4 years ago#10
Tales of Destiny and Tales of Eternia can be played on an emulator pretty easily. PS1 Emulators don't have very high hardware requirements so those shouldn't seem restricted.

Tales of Destiny for PS1 is very slow paced, by the way. It does get a little bit faster as you go through the game though, but only a little. There are a lot of random encounters, the battles are slow, and the game can feel somewhat incoherent at times. Tales of Destiny R (PS2 import) fixed those problems and made Tales of Destiny R one of my favorites in the series, the translation guide available was pretty comprehensive and easy to use too.

Tales of Eternia seemed pretty bland to me. The battle system was nothing new and the characters were mediocre (except Max. Yeah!) The game is worth playing though, it wasn't bad.

I can't speak for any PS3 titles because I haven't played them. You can pick up Tales of Graces f if you're looking for localized titles. If you don't mind importing you could pick up Tales of Vesperia.
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