Did you not die from crashing in AC2?

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  3. Did you not die from crashing in AC2?

User Info: Mega_Rat

5 years ago#1
I saw this a lot more in AC: AH, but don't remember it on the older games.

Can anyone refresh me on this? It kinda bothers me. xD
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User Info: Glinkmaster

5 years ago#2
I never played AC2, but there has always been some give in determining if a crash was lethal. I AC4 you could "ride" along the ground and ocean at 0ft. You could also scrape your wings against walls in the tunnels, and it wouldn't an instant death. I remember AC5 being the least forgiving out of all of them, though.
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Dunno about AC2, but I do know that this remake does let you bounce off flatter surfaces, though you still take significant damage.

User Info: OmegaZero633

5 years ago#4
Depends on the angle.
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User Info: TheSPP

5 years ago#5
I played Ace Combat 2 a ton as a kid. It was one of my favorite games. As far as I can remember, touching any part of the level geometry in AC2 was an instant death. No bouncing, just exploding.
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  3. Did you not die from crashing in AC2?

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