Early impressions of the game.

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User Info: Jrfanfreak88

6 years ago#1

Here is some information posted from a guy on the NASCAR the Game forums who's already got a copy of the game for reviewing purposes:

Alright boy's I actually received the game this morning at 9am. Please keep in mind, I have only raced 4 races so far, and practiced at another.

I am going to answer as many questions as I can that have already been asked, then will keep posting impressions and answering as many questions as I can. I have my PS3 in my office hooked up to the same monitor as my PC, so I have to switch over.....so If I don't' immediately respond to something, its because I am on the PS3.

Questions asked in the other thread......

Question: How are the graphics compared to NASCAR 09?

IMO the graphics are a bit better than NASCAR 09. NASCAR 09 was a nice looking game, but I think NTG11 does a better job here. There is a very natural, organic look to it, almost like MLB The Show has. The color palate is there, but it's not too crisp, or overdone.

The car models a nicely executed, and tracks look just beautiful.

Question: 1) How is the difficulty of the game and is it more realistic than what the videos lead us to believe? 2) Is there or true career mode or just a season? 3) Do you get the sense that you are at 20+ different tracks or do the tracks feel the same?

1. I set the difficulty for the AI on the highest at Tally, Daytona, and Texas. They were very competitive at Tally and Daytona, and Texas were just better than me....flat out! What I really like so far about the AI, is that they are aggressive, but not cheap. They understand that you are also on the track, and try to be cautious of their surroundings. They did bump draft with me at Tally and Daytona, and I could do the same with them...and there was no sign of them being disturbed by it.

2. Have not jumped into career mode as of yet, but will give it a run as the day progresses.

3. There was a nice difference in the feel from Atlanta, Texas, Daytona and Tally. They didn't feel that same at all, and based off early impressions, they did a nice job trying to individualize and realistically replicate each track.

Question: For the pre-race presentation is there a full pace lap with driver/grid rundown like EA did a few years back? Also, how long does it take the caution to come out after a wreck? Does the game let you drive through the wreck or does it quickly take control of your car?

Keep in mind, I have not done season or career, but in "race now" option, there was no pre-race or any presentation. It literally took you to the race about 100 yards away from the start finish line.

In regards to wrecking, you get to watch the whole wreck. It doesn't take you away to a cut scene instantly. I was in one at Tally, and it seemed like it lasted 20 seconds, and I was in one at Texas, and it only lasted about 10 seconds. Then it gives you the option to pit under caution...if you choose no, it takes to a few seconds before the green flag drops again.

Question: How real is the track surface? Are there a lot of bumps and do they upset your car? Also, how much does changing the car set up change the feel of the car? Does the track rubber up and make the car tighter?

From what I have seen, the bumps feel like they are barely noticeable. I felt a little bit at Daytona in turns 3 going into 4(keep in mind its still Daytona 10 on my copy) but nothing that really forced me to white knuckle the wheel at all. When an AI car gets into you, you notice that a lot more than any bumps on the track surface. If you're hoping to really feel the surface bumps and have it effect the car....probably not going to be real happy.

I will say the the driving model is really well done though, and you truly feel connected to the track surface.

Career mode impressions:

Ok, so I started a career just using Jeff Gordon, and set it to the hardest difficulty for the AI, and next to hardest for my driving aids.The presentation is all in here.....and well done. There is a video tutorial that starts the career mode, and then it bascially kicks you into the 1st race(So I just went with it)


Options to practice and tweak your car are there, and then to qaulify. There is no hot lapping, happy hour, as its really just practice and tweak, qualifying, then race.

Pre-race pesentation- They did the fly-by, showed the whole pack running around the track, and they talk about the event, but nothing specific......like "look out for Jeff Gordon today" Pretty basic stuff.

You can change it to any length of race, or difficulty on the fly even right before the race starts...which is nice. I did a 30 lapper@ 4x wear. I led the first 9 laps, then got brushed into the wall. Damage really plays a huge and significant role in this game. Keeping your clean is the only way to win. If you continously bump and grind, you will pay for it.

On lap 10, I was knocked into the wall, and it slowed me down, but only dropped to 14th. There was osme very good racing, until a AI caused caution came out on lap 19. I pitted(but forgot to get gas) and you have to make sure that you select what you want to happen, it doesnt default anything.

So I had to stop back in and pit to get gas, but thankfully there was "the big one" and I was not involved....so I was able to get gas, and catch back up to the end of pack.

After 3 cautions(none really caused by me) I was back to middle of the pack, and someone hooked me and put my nose into the wall. Need less to say, I had to pit again, and finished 41st.

The AI races hard, but fair, and the little crosshair map at the bottom of the screen is an incredbly useful tool.

There was no post race celebration, and I assume because I didn't win. It just shows you the results, then back to the garage(which is not interactive) and you can choose to go to next race.....wash, rinse. repeat.

User Info: dchs5

6 years ago#2
i saw this to, have you seen the big one damage pic.....>_< it really puts the company on the map (not its freaking terrible imo)
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User Info: pinkshredder

6 years ago#3
From what I hear, it's a framerate issue. I mean, it would be kick ass to have all those parts and everything on the track and all that, but ya know..I would much rather have the frame rate as solid as possible and if this is something the development team had to do in order to keep the frame rate up, then so be it.

Yeah, it sucks, but at least the game is playable. =\

I just hope they can somehow fix it later in the 11 patch.
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User Info: dchs5

6 years ago#4
the way that guy talks it almost seems like the patch might be here day one, ......or atleast week one, i know what dave said....who knows
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User Info: jackacid

6 years ago#5
Please get back to #2...very curious on the "Career vs. Season" thing myself...
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User Info: Drzxclusivechul

6 years ago#6
career is the same as season...it can be as long as u want..you can choose who ever you want to be, or you can be ur own created driver and car

User Info: jackacid

6 years ago#7
What do you mean "it can be as long as you want"?

Isn't it 30+ races per season? You mean you can change the number of races, or play through as many season as you want, or... ?

Fanboys are weak. Just shut up and play.

User Info: zoxcv

6 years ago#8

No career mode. Think he means the seaon can be as long as you want. No career, no DNf's = Lousy arcade racer. I'm staying far away from this trash.

User Info: zoxcv

6 years ago#9

zoxcv posted...

No career mode. Think he means the seaon can be as long as you want. No career, no DNf's = Lousy arcade racer. I'm staying far away from this trash.

I should say there is a career mode but nothing carries over from year to year. It's as if you never did your last season when you start the next one.

User Info: dchs5

6 years ago#10
um not that theres anything to carry over, its not like 04 and 05 where you hired crew and built engine and bodys.......
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