Francis is a dirty cheater

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User Info: JoveHack

6 years ago#11
On the first pearl, sometimes I win. Sometimes Francis wins. There doesn't seem to be any pattern I can take advantage of.

I've never beaten Francis for the second pearl. Once I lose a couple of times in a row I start thinking about the money Jade is losing. (Yea, I've got thousands of credits, but it's the principle of the thing.)

Jove the Sleep Depraved.

User Info: Aesahaettr

6 years ago#12
Well it took 4 attempts. Every time I would win one round the second time the sodding pucks wouldn't go down the middle. I had it saved just before so I wouldn't lose my credits and since it takes about 10 seconds to load it wasn't too much trouble.
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User Info: krammaii

6 years ago#13
The reason the second pearl challenge is so hard is because Francis' pink cursor moves so much faster than yours. I also find that my pink cursor was always picking the pucks that are in the far right of my side rather than the pucks next to the middle opening. I could never get on top of him because I was always shooting pucks out of the right side.

It was frustrating... When I won I felt like it was more luck than anything because you have no control over the pink cursor.
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User Info: Killosopher

6 years ago#14
I won the second pearl challenge on my second try and the first challenge on my first try. Wasnt hard at all IMO.
Gamertag: killosopher
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User Info: ducain1

6 years ago#15
I beat it on my second try (second pearl).... you just have to have your arrow pointed in the right direction right away
GT: ducain238

User Info: krammaii

6 years ago#16
Yeah, like I said, luck based.
Xbox - krammaii
PSN - marktron
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