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Best solo class order and best team class order?

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User Info: pipsqueak160

6 years ago#1
1 squire
2 ?
3 ?
4 ?

1 monk
2 ?
3 ?
4 ?
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User Info: Spinnah

6 years ago#2
1. Squire
2. Apprentice
3. Monk
4. Huntress

1. Squire
2. Monk
3. Apprentice
4. Huntress

That said, I'm on a quest to solo the game now with the Huntress.

User Info: Spootz

6 years ago#3
Huntress is a beast as you get better equipment and level up. She can solo pretty well. She is just bad at the start.
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User Info: GlickWick

6 years ago#4
Solo: Apprentice

Squire is powerful in the beginning, but Apprentice is the class that does 1-40 in a few hours, and can solo almost any map on insane (Except Monster Fest and maybe Spires).

Squire cannot do this effectively at all

Team (Early Game): Squire, duh
Team (End Game): Huntress. Ridiculously OP, one shots pretty much anything with the right gear and traps are incredible when used well

User Info: Howfish

6 years ago#5
1st two posters are completely wrong

you've obviously only played the PC version and haven't gotten very far yet

many of us have beaten the game already and maxed levels in the ios/droid versions

Solo best is not squire, and teams don't have a "best" because on insane (which is really the goal - to get up to insane mode where the best loot is) you need to utilize everyone's abilities effectively to beat it.

only early on in the game does it appear unbalanced because noobs are unaware (or illiterate and don't read the recommendations of easy/veteran etc next to each character?) of the fact that squire and apprentice are just easy to pick up, and huntress and monk require more investment to get them up to snuff

but once huntress gets a good gun, and once monk unlocks and powers up all abilities, the huntress is actually much much stronger and more useful than squire in terms of DPS (and she can shoot from far away without risking death, which is very necessary on higher difficulties) and monk's traps utilized well can be much more effective than the basic apprentice towers. Monks can do stuff like turn enemies on each other. use that correctly and monks can be a very important force in the higher difficulty and later levels

Soloing - well that's tricky, the apprentice is easiest early on because of the towers, but if you actually want to beat the game on insane (which is really the only way to say you beat the game since the real goal is to get to insane mode and get to the end where the best loot is), if you solo that you will need to class switch and play as everyone (very time consuming and not really worth it IMO)

I think the real accurate description is:
Apprentice is for beginners, squire is for beginners, both are basic, don't have much complexity to them. If you aren't good at strategy and don't like thinking then stick with those characters

Huntress and Monk are for advanced players who have had many hours with the game and understand the map layouts of each level and the strategy for each. On higher difficulties they are essential, on lower difficulties not so much since it's easy and they only become so powerful once they've unlocked everything and powered up abilities.

But if you like playing as pure hero and not using traps, then huntress will actually be better than squire once she unlocks the better guns, and if you want to really use only traps and not use the hero as much, monk has some of the best traps in the game
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User Info: Aladrin

6 years ago#6
I guess I misunderstood the topic, then. I assumed he was asking what order to level them up in. I would get started with Apprentice and get him decently high, and then use him and his traps to helps the others level up faster. In both sections.
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