use of xbox360 controller(s), split screen

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User Info: betakaz

5 years ago#1
so I really enjoy this game
I also play on the couch and with my gf mostly
I have xbox360 wireless controllers no pc hub for it yet tho

question is this -
anyone using hub and controller with this?
will one hub handle 2 controllers, need 2 hubs, or just can't?
any caveats with 2 player (or more) splitscreen on PC?

I was gonna just get it xbox but no events, extras, opp. sex characters, levels...
so while very cool there seems to be so much cooler PC
outside simplified controls, headset, tv viewing if it was keeping up

ps3 option too but seems to be least likely choice for me

thanks for any help!

User Info: jcmason

5 years ago#2
I've heard the support for the controllers is quite excellent on PC, though I'm not familiar with the hub option so I don't know the details there. As far as split screen it should work fine if you don't mind using half a screen. I'd rather not do it that way, but that's just my preference, so it probably isn't a big deal.
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User Info: JeanH13

5 years ago#3
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by hub, but I believe I can still answer the question. I play this game couch co-op with my girlfriend, using 1 USB Wireless Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver. I use the keyboard+mouse with my monitor, and she uses the wireless Xbox controller to play on the couch with the TV screen. I use the duplicate display option so that my PC screen also shows up on her TV.

We've played with 2 friends (4 Xbox controllers total) for 4-player split-screen with the one wireless USB receiver. The screen does get harder to see with 4 GUIs to show, but it is still playable.

User Info: drren

5 years ago#4
I've played this local coop in split screen using two Logitech controllers and a USB hub. I usually use x360 controller emulator, so I don't have to remap the buttons, and that works just fine on this title. Usually, I'm not a fan of dividing the screen into two, but in this game it was fine and didn't hinder the gameplay.

User Info: SackBoi

5 years ago#5
I just plug my xbox controller in the usb when I want to play with my nephew; it does it all automatically including most games on steam. Plug it in to skyrim it automatically changes everything including the screen visuals

say "K" key will show up "A" button or something
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User Info: betakaz

5 years ago#6
thanks for all the feedback -
I'm getting wireless controller pc hub for christmas, so my wireless xbox controller(s) will work with PC. I have no wired controllers and my tv is too far away to use effectively. I plan to hook my desktop into my tv then, see how that goes. I also have wireless keyboard/mouse combo, maybe time to do it lol.

As for software, mapping, anyone finding any particularly good software for the wireless xbox360 controllers with games like dungeon defenders, skyrim, i'm all ears.

I have a gf playing with me and splitscreen is important, if it goes well I'll have a 52" screen split between us which should be just fine :) we manage gears of war 3 well heh.
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