My Insane Alchemy Survival Setup

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User Info: Avous_Yelmurc

5 years ago#1
I use this strategy for Insane Survival Alchemy Labs

And yes I have completed it more than twice before in mildly good Godly gear and the rest in Mythical.

I have the auras stacked in the Middle where Strength Drains are but I pulled them apart so you could see what I stacked them on.

The way it works is Whenever they come out of Any spawn they are struck by Lightning Right away

In the back if they go back there they get an Inferno blast inside a Slow aura that lasts all the way to the Proxy/Spiked wall covering the back to finish them off incase the Lightning and Inferno hasn't already!

Be sure the Proxy covers the Wall so it can blow up any Warrior that jumps behind the wall to hit it.

Brief Summery, every mob goes through a Lightning Aura, An Inferno trap, A slow Aura, A strength Drain, and another Lightning Aura before hitting a Proxy and blowing them up (Or hitting the wall and dying late stage Survival) Effectively ending ANY elemental mob.

For the front Every mob gets zapped going close to the Wall and the Infernos are covered in a Lightning Aura, Strength Drain, Slow, and have a Wall baring them off as long as you keep up regularly repairing it this setup does allow you to completely and effectively Solo Insane Survival. (I myself have obtained a Dozen Giraffes this way)

You should have a High resistance toon with High tower repair or else you'll only reach around Wave 20.

User Info: BackspaceButton

5 years ago#2
That lightning aura on the west is kinda useless. If you have any sort of stats at all (ie a godly set) the only things that touch those west spike barricades are DEWs. I used a very similar setup but instead had a proximity mine under the east most inferno trap and it worked great. We normally afked until about wave 19 or so and repaired inbetween rounds.

the higher the hp the better, but a fairy works just fine for looting/repairing

Also, autosell everything. Don't bother sorting through hundreds of godly items and terrible weapons. Instead, use the money to buy mythic gear or UMF godly gear.
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User Info: SeraphLance

5 years ago#3
I'm running with a similar setup, but with prox mines on the right instead of infernos (and coupling infernos behind the two main prox mines). Also, I have ensnares coupled with electrics everywhere instead of your two winging electrics and nix the infernos on the left because traffic is so low, as well as replacing the left walls with app walls.

It works like a charm, except for the fact that you can't AFK because proximity mines drain so fast. Using exclusively infernos seems like a nifty idea to counteract this.
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