Ranged weapon dps questions

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User Info: -Theoretically

4 years ago#1
I'm new to the whole dps hero concept, and have a few questions/things that need clarification.

I've heard from reading around that "base dmg > additional (elemental) dmg", especially with all your points dumped into hero dmg. But I've also heard that elemental damage levels much faster point-for-point, compared to base damage. To me it kinda seems like it evens out, but I don't know for sure.

Regarding projectile speed, what's a good number to shoot for in order to compensate for the penalty in nightmare? I've been googling to try and find out but I don't know if the threads I'm reading are still applicable in this patch or not. However, one interesting tidbit I did find out is that apparently projectile speed also affects the travel distance of your projectiles. Correct me if I'm mistaken, but all this makes it seem like a priority stat to upgrade, up to a certain cap. Is there a soft cap for this?

Should clip size and reload bonus be upgraded at all?

User Info: 5171522

4 years ago#2
Base damage is far, far better than elemental damage.

User Info: Moasseman

4 years ago#3
Also never upgrade clip size & reload speed. If they're somewhere in the range of 1-20 and -100~~, don't touch the weapon. It would take way too many upgrades to take them up to relatively decent amount.

As long as you have 100+~~ hero DMG, base damage will most of the time out DPS the elemental damage, espec. since elemental damage works only on 75% of the enemies (statistically).

Projectile speed really does affect the length of the shot (more for some weapons, less for others). Personally, as long as the prj. speed is positive, I'm fine with that. (Unless you're using grenade launcher, in which case you should which to a good weapon type.)

User Info: Infyra

4 years ago#4
The problem with elemental damage is that it does not scale up with hero damage, EXCEPT for some weapons. If you find one of those, its a worthy stat to upgrade.
I know that the bishop from kings game for example scales.
Also, with str drain aura's the elemental immunity on some enemies will not be a really big problem.
About projectile speed, its also a waste imo, just wait until you find a decent weapon with good projectile speed, and ammo size. Then upgrade the physical damage, or elemental damage if it scales.
The only stats imo that are better then the damage stat, are number of projectiles and attack speed. Once those are maxed, dump all in damage.
Milimi, Exiles of Fate - Zenedar (EU)
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