Do short blades do anything special?

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  3. Do short blades do anything special?

User Info: uchihaschamp

6 years ago#1
also how do you increase your damage besides the items

and does anyone besides me like using the poison pick?
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User Info: Asiori

6 years ago#2
The only way you can increase you damage is from upgrading gear, enhancement parts and Burst. There is no hidden damage stat or anything.

Used to use Curse Pick in GE until they evened out all the elements in GEB, then abusing elements all the way. Still use here and there, when missions have monsters with different weaknesses and they dont take glaringly less from pure neutral.

User Info: Maipawa

6 years ago#3
The most abusable weapon now is the short sword - Beast Blade Lau Yang.

The Hold effect comes out pretty often, and even more effective when you equip Anomaro (Control Unit) and Medusa/Clarion Cannons, which amplifies status attacks. You can repeatedly Hold/Down/Hold/Down most aragamis. Forget about Hold Traps with this.
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  3. Do short blades do anything special?

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